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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Mimi Webb Talks About The Moment She Realized She Wanted To Be A Celebrity

In recent news, Mimi Webb has opened up about the moment when she realized that she wanted to be a celebrity who made music. She recalled how she came up with her current stage name around the same time.

The 22-year-old singer’s name was Amelia Anne Webb, but she shortened it while she was enrolled in a music college. She talked about how her two monikers served two different personas at the time, so she combined the two to spell Amelia. 

Speaking to The Daily Star, Mimi said that she believed that Amelia was just a regular countryside girl. On the other hand, Mimi Webb was the name that she believed would propel her towards stardom, as this would be the persona of a girl who travels the world and does everything that she dreams of. 

Recalling this thought process, the 22-year-old said that this was the moment when she realized that she wanted to go on to make it big in the music industry. Thus, Mimi decided to put the two names together and her new album is a journey that covers how far those two personas have come. She went on to speak about how crazy it has been to grow up in the music industry, but it has also allowed her to learn a lot about herself.

According to the Before, I Go hitmaker, it has been important for her to take a stand for herself. As a female artist, she said, it became imperative for her to know her worth in the early years of her music career. 

In her words, the popstar said that women need to speak their minds without being afraid of what people will think. Talking about her own strength, she said that she signed her first deal when she was only 18 and spent the first couple of years grafting in a studio. 

This was when the 22-year-old decided to take a stand for herself and understand her worth. 

In other news, Saweetie Keen has opened up about wanting to appear in new film and TV projects in the near future.

The Best Friend hitmaker broke into the music scene in the year 2017 and was quick to land roles on various TV shows. She was featured on Bel-Air, Cooking with Paris, and Grown-ish shortly after. Now, she hopes to land bigger projects in her acting career.

In her words, the popstar said that she is looking to play the role of a villain in one of the DC superhero movies. She talked about how she has dressed up as Harley Quinn and Mystique in the past, despite the latter being Marvel. She is also a huge fan of Fast and Furious. In addition, her last Rolling Loud outfit had been inspired by Suki. 

According to the hitmaker, she enjoys dressing up and getting into character, which is why she would be perfect for new roles. Saweetie, whose real name is Diamonte Harper, has also talked about returning to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s reimagined version. She is especially looking forward to this as when she first appeared on the show in the second season, the singer played a version of herself.

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