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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Kylie Minogue Reveals Her New Album Will Contain Dance Tunes

In recent news, Kylie Minogue has revealed that her new album is going to have numerous songs with dance tunes. 

As of now, the 54-year-old hitmaker is working on following up on her last released record from 2020, named Disco. With this new album, the singer hopes to usher in a new era of a strong and empowered Kylie Minogue. 

A source close to the popstar further talked about how she is trying to ensure that her songs radiate a real sense of freedom and power. They added that the kind of music she is working on reveals an empowered and strong version of her and her talent. 

The songs that the singer has recorded up till now include Hold On To Now, Tension, and When You Love Someone. 

However, despite her new songs now containing dance tracks and upbeat music, it has been speculated that Kylie will be pouring her heartbreak into them. She recently underwent a breakup with her boyfriend, Paul Solomons, whom she had been dating for the last five years.

After the singer split with her 47-year-old beau, she decided to join hands with Sky Adams, the well-known producer, with whom she has worked before. They previously released hits, such as Stop Me From Falling and Dancing.  

As per a source close to the star, the reason for partnering up with Sky Adams was to be able to produce dance music that has emotions. This was because Kylie wanted to open up about her painful breakup and the ensuing breakdown in the songs. She is expected to also reveal details of her trauma over past relationships in her new singles. 

The source further revealed that the two have spent the last couple of weeks working on each and every song. They have also penned down a single, which will address the need for people in relationships to communicate appropriately and openly to ensure clarity. 

Back in February, reports surfaced which revealed that Paul, the former creative director of the British GQ, was no longer dating Kylie. This had apparently happened after the two had decided to give long-distance a try but had failed. The singer resided in Australia at the time, while the Welshman was working in London. 

The source close to the singer talked about how the pair had really tried to make their relationship work. However, the time difference had led to a lag in their communication, due to which things had fallen apart. 

In the words of the source, it was not possible for Paul to just take a flight home to see his girlfriend over the weekend when things started to get rough every now and then. When they split, Kylie thought she would keep it quiet until she recovered. This was because she did not want people to feel sorry for her and look at her with pity. 

Back in 2014, Kylie had been engaged to Joshua Sasse, a 35-year-old actor. However, the couple split three years into their relationship.

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