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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Costa Titch Suddenly Passes At The Age Of 27

In recent news, Costa Titch passed away suddenly at the age of 27.

The rap star, real name, Constantinos Tsobanoglou, was in the middle of one of his performances at the Ultra music festival on Saturday in Florida. People at the scene report that he collapsed while performing and passed away on the spot. 

The family of the star, later on, talked about how devastated they all are by what happened. They went on to add that the death of the rapper has robbed them of their beloved grandson, brother, and son. In the last couple of years, Constantinos Tsobanoglou had developed a loyal fanbase in South Africa. Thus, his passing has impacted the people of South Africa, as well as his family and friends.

The family of the rapper has also publicly thanked all the emergency responders who showed up to help out Costa Titch. They further added that they are grateful that he was not alone in his last moments, but rather surrounded by the people who love him.

Later on, the family requested the fans of the popstar to continue to uplift him in spirit and remember him in their prayers and thoughts. They added that they appreciate all that the fans have done for their beloved son, brother, and grandson, such as supporting his songs like Goat and Big Flexa. 

To pay his respects to the deceased rapper, Oti Mabuse, the popular TV star, took to social media to write ‘rest in peace.’. Meanwhile, the popular boy band, NSG, went on to say that the legacy of Costa Titch is going to be around forever. 

A fellow musician, namely Priddy Ugly, talked about how the star of the rapper continues to rise even though he has passed away. He added that Costa will forever be in the hearts of people everywhere and live forever. The hitmaker went on to express his condolences for the family, friends, and loved ones of the late rapper. 

In other news, Shakira has now opened up about the rough year she has had, especially after her public split from her former husband, Gerard Pique. 

The singer recently appeared on The Tonight Show which stars Jimmy Fallon. During the interview, the Don’t Lie singer recalled how difficult it has been to record Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53. The hit track required collaboration with the Argentine producer, Bizarrap, following her breakup with the popular soccer star. 

Opening up about the song, Shakira admitted that it was important for her to write the song, but that it was difficult. She went on to say that it was a healthy way to channel and express all the emotions that she was feeling.

After releasing the song, the singer added that she realized that she does not have fans, but rather a sisterhood of women, who have experienced the same things that she has. Shakira thanked people for showing her their support and showing her that she deserves better. In her words, the support from others is what helped her get through this difficult time and write a song for herself.

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