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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Lizzo Talks About Scotland, Her Inspirations, And Self-Love

In recent news, Lizzo gave an interview to Nemone in honor of International Women’s Day. The interviewer, who sat in for Mary Anne Hobbs, asked the popstar various questions that revolved around the love she has for Scotland, especially since she will be performing in Glasgow soon, and the women who have inspired her. 

The discussion also included conversations related to Queen Latifah and Beyonce, wit Lizzo also touching upon the topic of self-love.

When asked about her upcoming performance in Scotland, the singer revealed that she has previously been on tour to the country alongside the CVRCHES. She said that it was one of the most fun trips that she has had. Lizzo also added that she is looking forward to meeting the band, Nice N Sleazy during her time in Scotland.

When asked about the women who inspire Lizzo, she talked about Queen Latifah. In her words, the rapper is a household name, and the woman is capable of doing everything she sets her mind to. The 34-year-old added that she was in awe when the Queen went from being a rapper on Living Single to acting in Fresh Prince. 

Recalling her teenage years, Lizzo said that it had been quite amazing to watch a woman star in movies, like Set It Off and have a television and talk show all for herself. On the same topic, the hitmaker believes that she was greatly inspired by watching Latifah have a colorful career and wanted to have the same. 

Another inspiration that Lizzo talked about was Beyonce, reminiscing the period when Destiny’s Child came to Walmart. The rapper remembered that her family had just moved down from Detroit to Houston and all anyone talked about was Destiny’s Child. She had only been nine years old when she saw Beyonce perform, especially watching a black woman take everyone’s breath away. 

Nemone proceeded to ask the 34-year-old about her journey towards self-love and being outspoken about showing compassion to herself. In the popstar’s words, humans are quite hard on themselves and so is she. But, she added, a person can only be kind to others if they are kind to themselves. Lizzo stated repeatedly that change starts with the self.  

The interview discussion then turned toward the organizers of the People’s Choice Awards 2022 giving a platform to black female activists. Lizzo expressed happiness at the mention of the event, saying that these representatives of the black community are people that she follows and has always wanted to connect with.

The hitmaker went on to add how grateful she felt at having the chance to meet various black activists and celebrate them for working hard. She believes that they do not receive enough appreciation, which is why she wanted to make sure they received her praise and love. 

Lizzo ended the interview by giving advice to young women around the globe to use her life as an inspiration. She added how she matches her actions with her words to make sure that people not only remember her words but the way she acted.

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