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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Megan Fox Appreciates Machine Gun Kelly’s Maturity And Grace

In recent news, Megan Fox has expressed how proud she is of the way Machine Gun Kelly accepted his loss at this year’s Grammy Awards.

The hitmaker of Bloody Valentine, whose real name is Colson Baker, received a nominated for the Best Rock Album on account of Mainstream Sellout. However, the award was given to Ozzy Osbourne for Patient Number 9, when the ceremony was held on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

After the award ceremony, Megan Fox reflected on the event. Then, she posted a heartfelt post on Instagram on Monday for her fiance. In her words, the star appreciated and praised her sweetheart for showing grace and maturity at his loss at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

She went on to congratulate him for being in the small number of artists who were nominated for an award at the ceremony. She stated how proud she is of him for everything that he does, especially the way he handled his loss. The singer also posted a slideshow of photos of herself and her beloved, Machine Gun Kelly, posing at the red carpet shortly before the award show started. 

According to Megan, she felt a strong surge of love and appreciation for him when she saw him walk with gratitude and humility. She added how grateful she is for having witnessed him grow into the man that he is today. In the post, the model and actress further complimented him and ended it by expressing her love for him.

In other news, Harry Styles’ performance at the Grammy awards veered in the wrong direction after a technical glitch. The dancers of the former One Direction star claimed that the turntable stage was not supposed to spin in the direction that it did. As a result, the pop star and his backup dancers had to reverse their performance of As It Was on Sunday, during the 2023 Grammy Awards. 

Brandon Mathi, one of the dancers of Harry Styles, took to his Instagram story to explain what happened. He said that the turntable spun in reverse from the beginning. As soon as the curtain opened and they entered the stage for their performance, the dancers and the singer found themselves improvising their steps.

He went on to add that there was no time to fix the issue and they could not halt the performance. In his words, the dancers and Harry had tirelessly worked on the display for an entire week, only for it to be changed at the last moment. 

Brandon was not the only dancer to call out the organizers of the 2023 Grammy Awards for their lack of professionalism. Dexter Da Rocha, another backup dancer, posted a TikTok about the malfunction but deleted it soon after. 

In the short video, he explained that the dancers, upon realizing that the turntable stage was going in reverse, tried to inform the technician of the issue. However, it was not possible to get their attention with the performance in full swing, being broadcasted on live television. 

Da Rocha, however, praised the former One Direction star for dealing with the issue right away and reversing the performance.

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