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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Jessie J Reveals A Possible Comeback In Her Upcoming Documentary

In recent news, Jessie J has announced that she is planning a possible comeback into the pop world.

The singer of ‘Price Tag’ is currently expecting a child, which is going to be her first. At the moment, she is also filming a documentary, which is going to feature her return to the music world. A source close to the star has also revealed that she is determined to make sure that her pregnancy and becoming a mother do not come in the way of Jessie relaunching her career.

In the words of the popstar herself, this documentary will feature her talking about the pregnancy, discussing her previous miscarriage and various health problems. She will also be revealing a little bit about her heartbreaks and current love life. The documentary is further set to show Jessie’s fall from public favor to her planned comeback. 

The last couple of years were a kind of a break for the hit singer when she took time off from the spotlight. This happened shortly after she released a number of flop records and underwent several health problems. However, she is now prepared to give a performance on the 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in the city of London. The show will take place later in the month and a TV crew will be present to record the entire thing.

As of now, the star is working on her new album. She has also hinted that a possible world tour could take place after the release of her upcoming album. 

It is also public knowledge that Jessie is dating Chanan Colman, a star basketball player. She revealed that she was pregnant a couple of weeks ago, 13 months after she went through a devastating miscarriage. Upon revealing the news of her pregnancy, Jessie also expressed how overwhelmed she was. She stated that she has not yet fully processed the happy news her expecting again. 

The 34-year-old further took to Instagram to talk about how she has had trouble sleeping because she is excited. Jessie also thanked fans, family, and friends for the support and love they have been giving her. She went on to express condolences to men and women everywhere dealing with loss and infertility. 

According to the star, she feels strange after realizing that she is expecting her first child. She had mentally prepared herself for a life without a child. She explained how she had thought she would never get pregnant but had eventually celebrated the feat, only to lose her child. Now that the 34-year-old is expecting again, her mind has not yet registered that she will soon be a mother. 

Talking about when she first found out, the hitmaker opened up about feeling anxious all the time. She felt as if it was a dream from which she would wake up and realize it was not true at all. However, she eventually accepted it, hoping every second that it would go well this time around. Jessie said that she is slowly allowing herself to feel the celebration and joy that comes with this experience.

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