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Friday, February 10, 2023

Drake's New Wax Figure Revealed In London

In recent news, a wax figure was unveiled for the popular Canadian rapper, Drake, at Madame Tussauds, located in London. 

On Wednesday, the curators at the museum officially instated the figure in their present collection. The waxwork of the hitmaker will now permanently reside alongside the figures of various other well-known names across the globe at the Baker Street Museum. Other celebrities whose waxworks are a part of the collection are Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, and Stormzy, all of whom can be viewed inside the Impossible Festival music zone. 

The wax figure of the Canadian rapper has been styled according to his appearance at the Wireless Festival in 2021. Back then, he put on camouflage print trousers and a t-shirt, along with a bomber jacket and Nike’s Air Force 1 trainer in white color. 

The general manager of Madame Tussauds London, Tim Waters, took to speaking at a press release on the occasion, during which he applauded the talent of the popstar. He also added how Drake has been open about his love for the city on more than one occasion. One example of the rapper’s love is his surprise visit to the Wireless Festival. 

Waters went on to talk about how there are rumors that Drake will soon be calling London his home. Thus, the Baker Street Museum wanted to make sure that the rapper received a warm welcome when he set foot into their streets. In his words, the waxwork is a way for London to reciprocate the love that the singer has for London, by immortalizing him inside the famous attraction. 

Tim further talked about how there is no denying that the superstar is a well-known music icon. He praised Drake for his various accolades, numerous nominations, and countless awards. 

In the end, the manager remarked that he hopes that the people of London will take good care of the Canadian rapper as he has now become ‘A Keeper’ at the museum. 

Each figure present at the Baker Street Museum has taken around six months to create. 

Drake is yet to comment on the unveiling of his wax figure. 

In other news, Pink has revealed that she spent the last two weeks trying to overcome a couple of health issues. Thus, she was living at a wellness retreat until she felt better. 

The star recently gave an interview to Women’s Health Magazine, in which she opened up about booking herself a visit to a wellness clinic in Spain. The SHA Wellness Clinic took her in last year, right after she underwent back and hip surgery. This also led her to gain weight amidst the coronavirus pandemic, as she recovered from the death of her father.

In her words, the So What hitmaker said that she was depressed due to the loss and the fact that she had gained weight. So, she started to work out for three hours a day, and eat healthily, but nothing worked. Pink said she felt sad and exhausted. 

Thus, the singer checked herself in at the wellness clinic and went on a Kushi diet, which allowed her to revert to her regular weight.

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