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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Elton John Receives Medal From President Biden After Gig At The White House

In recent news, Elton John received a special medal from the President of the U.S. Joe Biden. This happened shortly after the singer gave a performance at the White House.

The music legend had been personally invited by the President himself, along with First Lady Jill Biden. The couple wanted John to perform as part of an event they staged, A Night When Hope and History Rhyme. It took place on the South Lawn of the White House grounds.

Soon after the concert took place, Biden took it upon himself to present John with a medal, specifically the National Humanities Medal, for his services to the music industry. The President also thanked the singer for his exceptional fundraising activities for the Elton Johns AIDS Foundation. 

Biden went on to sing praise for the music legend, saying that throughout his career, John had managed to find his voice and seek ways how to help people with his influence. He was lauded for how he was able to make history rhyme for thousands across America. 

In the President’s words, the 75-year-old often talks about how the American music industry has changed his life and how there are numerous sounds and genres that influence his imagination and music. However, he pointed out that it is the renowned singer’s music that has changed the lives of many people across the country.  

After the speech given by the leader of America, John was quite emotional. He was also pleasantly surprised by the presentation given by Biden in his honor. According to him, he is never flabbergasted but told the First Lady that he was humbled, honored, and surprised by the words of appreciation from the President. 

John went on to add that he will treasure the medal and make even more efforts to ensure that the disease his foundation is fighting against goes away. He further talked about how the kindness of the President and the First Lady, as well as the people of the country, is exhilarating. In his words, it motivates him to fight harder against HIV and AIDS. 

As of now, John is residing in the US for his current Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. 

In other news, Rihanna has been scheduled to headline the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl LVII in the month of February. 

The Umbrella hitmaker took it upon herself to make the announcement, shortly after rumors started to circulate online. She shared a picture of herself in which she was holding a football from the National Football League (NFL)

Despite the fact that she has not made any official comment or announcement on the upcoming gig, music label Roc Nation and executives belonging to the NFL, have given the news to the public. In addition, Apple Music has also confirmed this exciting news in a recently released statement. 

The Super Bowl LVII is all set to take place on the 12th of February in Arizona, at the State Farm Stadium, located in Glendale.

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