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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Britney Spears Opens Up About Her Time At Mental Health Facility

In recent news, Britney Spears has opened up about her time at a mental health facility, where she was admitted back in the year 2019. In her words, she felt as if she was in a science lab and being studied for an experiment. 

This was revealed by the Toxic hitmaker in an Instagram post on Saturday. She shared a total of five audio messages, in which she reflected on a wide range of topics. One of these topics included her time spent in the facility for treatment, shortly after she called off her Domination residency supposed to take place in Las Vegas. 

She went on to talk about how this may be an old story for people, but she suffered a lot of psychological traumas while in the facility. In her words, part of the trauma was not having any real contact and having to sit in a chair for eight hours.

Spears’s only form of communication in the facility was when she would talk to her counselors, who always had ‘big smiles’ on their faces. They would ask her questions and then study her answers. The singer further shared that she was not permitted to leave her chair, when all she wanted to do was leave. 

After Britney alleged how the doctors had treated her at the facility, she wondered if this is allowed by law. She stated that while asking questions may be normal for people, the facility felt more like a science lab. According to the singer, she may not be perfect and is taking time to heal, but she does not deserve to be studied in a lab. 

Just last July, Spears posted a couple of screengrabs of various alleged texts that she sent to a friend of hers, the court-appointed attorney, as well as her mother, Lynne Spears. While the images were soon deleted by the hitmaker, they consisted of accusations from the singer of being forced to stay at the facility. 

Ever since her 13-year long conservatorship ended in November of 2021, the popstar has not hesitated from calling out the problematic behavior of her family, parents, and others. She had alleged that they have mistreated her at one point or the other, by encouraging the hold that her conservatorship had on her. 

The audio messages also revealed that Britney connects with only one kind of therapy, namely equine therapy. This mainly involves communicating with horses, also referred to as quarantine therapy. She talked about how it primarily consists of talking to horses for 45 minutes at a time and it provides a different reflection. 

As per the singer, she does not feel a connection with people and ends up miscommunicating. Spears stated that she has the urge to make contact with people and break through her walls. According to her, she sometimes feels like she does not have a purpose amid her estrangement from her teenage sons, and thus therapy helps her feel a connection.

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