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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A$AP Rocky Reveals He Does Not Mind Sharing Clothes With Rihanna

In recent news, A$AP Rocky has revealed that he does not mind sharing clothes with Rihanna, his girlfriend. 

The couple welcomed their first baby boy together earlier in the month and is known for stepping out in matching, coordinated clothes. While giving an interview recently, the singer revealed that he and his girlfriend do not spend hours upon hours trying to come up with coordinated outfits. He insisted that it is quite a coincidence, but he did state that the Umbrella hitmaker often takes items that belong to him.

In the words of A$AP Rocky, he and Rihanna make a great couple, which is why matching outfits just suit them. According to him, they sometimes leave the house in coordinated outfits, without planning beforehand. He further disclosed how his girlfriend tends to take some of his clothes if she likes them, but he steals them right back from her.

Rakin Mayers, stage name A$AP Rocky, also noted that he adores new fashion trends and is greatly inspired by them. However, he added that he misses his deceased collaborator and friend, Virgil Abloh. Just last November, the 41-year-old Louis Vuitton designer for menswear and Off-white founder passed away.

According to the hitmaker, Virgil was an oracle for numerous young creatives and Black kids out there. He talked about how the designer had influenced culture and raised a storm from hip-hop to fashion.

In other news, Joss Stone has hinted at her touring days being over. 

The hitmaker of Super Duper Lover is currently expecting her second child with Cody DaLuz, her partner. She suffered a dreadful miscarriage in the previous year and recently admitted that she does not want to hit the road again any time soon. The singer added that she wants to focus on being a parent for now and may resume singing when her little girl joins the school. 

She referred to her 18-month-old daughter, Violet, saying that she does not want to leave her in the care of anyone else. Discussing her routine, she added how it is quite easy to tour with babies. The singer stated that her husband travels with her, which allows him to give their child a bath and put her to bed, all while Violet’s mother performs.

However, Joss Stone pointed out that she does not want her attention to be divided anymore. She expressed hope at returning to music in the future but also stated how she would be okay without her career. In her words, she has done enough touring and may choose to spend time with her children instead of returning to singing in a couple of years. 

Talking about her career, the 35-year-old popstar also added that if she is unable to return to touring, she may start writing tunes for various other artists. She disclosed that it has been her dream to pen down songs for singers, which is something that she can do from the comfort of her home. 

Back in the month of October, Joss Stone first revealed the news of her miscarriage, followed shortly by the good news of pregnancy.

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