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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Carl Craig Hopes To Use His Music To Change The World

In recent news, Carl Craig has discussed how he wants to use his music to change the world.

The 53-year-old producer is the founder of Planet E Communications, the record label that was launched in the year 1991. He has made remixes for numerous artists, such as Tori Amos, Maurizio, Depeche Mode, and Theo Parrish to name a few. He recently celebrated the belated 30th anniversary of his firm by releasing a compilation album. In Craig’s words, him experimenting with new music is the same as a chemist searching for the right formula. 

The producer went on to add that he is trying to regain his bearings with the latest release, but that it is taking a little bit of time. According to him, he was hoping to find the formula that would bring significant change in the music world. Thus, he talked about searching for a template, while he recreates the wheel whenever he sets foot in the studio. 

The music mogul celebrated the anniversary of his studio with two performances that were staged at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in his hometown. He revealed that he could not believe the amount of time that has passed ever since he set up his company. In his words, it only feels like it has been one decade since he launched his own record label, instead of three. 

Craig was also one of the several members of the directorial team for the DEMF, which was inaugurated after a dispute in 2001. Making his return in 2010, the producer continued for years to come, helping make the experience better. He also disclosed that he is quite happy about the fact that the festival still takes place, given how long it has been since its inauguration. 

According to Craig, when DEMF first took place, he could have only dreamed of there being a festival that would be taking place with the same pomp even 22 years later. He expressed gratitude for being a part of the team that started it and hoped that it would continue for the next 20 years as well. 

In other news, Neil Young has revealed that he will be putting his album, Toast, out in the month of July. 

According to the 76-year-old musician, he recorded the album alongside Crazy Horse in the year 2001. However, he shelved it at the time and has now announced a plan to make the release later in the summer. The album has been named after the studio in San Francisco where it was first recorded.

The artist took to his blog, Neil Young Archives, to make the announcement in the previous week. But the post has since been deleted. In the post, he discussed how Toast was a sad album, and thus, he had not released it back when it was initially recorded. He had just skipped it and went on to launch new songs. 

Now, the singer is looking back fondly on the record and hoping to share a wonderful album with the world. 

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