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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Courtney Love Pledges Support To Johnny Depp Amid His Ongoing Defamation Trial

Just recently, Courtney Love has publicly expressed her support for Johnny Depp, as he goes up against his former spouse, Amber Heard, in a defamation trial.

In the last couple of weeks, the famous actor from the Pirates of the Caribbean has been frequenting the Fairfax County Courthouse, located in Virginia. He is suing his former wife over an op-ed released in the year 2018, in which she claimed to be a figure representing women who undergo domestic abuse. While Depp is suing his wife for defamation, she is countersuing him by bringing in charges of suffering domestic violence.

The ongoing defamation trial has brought about numerous opinions from people on social media. Meanwhile, the Hole star also gave her two cents on the weekend. She took to praising the Pirates of the Caribbean actor for having saved her life at the time when she had overdosed outside a club in Los Angeles. 

The star went on to add that she was not making any judgments in public. However, she recalled how Depp had once given her CPR back in the year 1995 when she had overdosed outside of The Viper Room. She posted a video to the social media account of a friend to sing praises of the actor. She further talked about how the popular showman had not only helped her but aided Frances Bean, the daughter of Kurt Cobain. According to Love, he had helped the legend’s daughter, who is now 29 years old, fight her drug addiction.

Love went on to add how when she had been on crack, Frances had had to suffer through various encounters with social workers. She claimed that at the time, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had written a letter to his 13-year-old for her birthday. The Hole star also recalled how the actor on trial did not know her at all but continued to make efforts for her daughter. In the words of Frances, Depp had saved her life. 

Love then focused on empathizing with the Aquaman superstar as well. She added that she knows what it is like to be one of the most hated women in the country, which is why she directed her sympathy towards Heard. However, the celebrity added that if someone uses a movement for personal gain and abuses the queer feminist intersectional spaces they inhabit, then justice will be served. 

Soon after the video was posted, it was taken down. The rocker took to her page on Instagram to state that she had not intended to make her opinion known to the public. In her words, she only wants to show neutral support online for a friend and does not want to bully anyone. 

Love further explained that she does not want anything to do with the bullying of Heard on social media. According to her, it is cruel to subject anyone to mean comments and opinions. She concluded the post by apologizing for hurting any sentiments.

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