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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Lizzo Reveals She Wants To Collaborate With BTS

In recent news, Lizzo has revealed that she wants to collaborate with BTS on a song or an album.

The About Damn Time hitmaker recently talked about how she has become close friends with J-Hope, who is a force in the K-Pop boy band. She said that she got his number a while ago and ever since then, the two have been exchanging texts back and forth. 

Disclosing more details about her friendship with the boy band member, she said that J-Hope is a good texter and unafraid to express his feelings. She said that he is not the kind of a person who leaves someone on read. Moreover, if he has not replied in a while to anyone’s texts, he will apologize for how long it took for him to get back to respond. 

The 34-year-old star added that she has been a huge fan of the dynamite K-Pop band, especially because she sees a little bit of herself in BTS. Therefore, Lizzo believes that she has always gravitated towards the K-Pop for this reason alone. She talked about how they remind her of herself, particularly when it comes to self-love, spreading positive energy, and loving fans. According to the singer, she feels the same way and has a genuine and loving fan base.

On a podcast, Lizzo was also questioned about whether she would like to collaborate with the band on a song or an album. The hitmaker joked about how she should be careful with her words when answering questions like these because BTS fans are quite fierce. However, she finally did respond to the question, saying that she would love to join forces with the septet. 

On the other hand, Chris Martin recently talked about how he thinks that Coldplay will never be able to beat his collaboration with the K-Pop band. The 45-year-old frontman jokingly said that new music is on the way and as well as a couple of surprises from the Yellow hitmakers. However, he added that he does not think that anyone or anything can stand up to the level of the group joining hands with BTS on the song, My Universe, in the previous year. 

He went on to say that no new music will even come close to the BTS surprise. According to Chris Martin, the popularity of that collaboration had also come as a surprise for the band members themselves.

The frontman further disclosed that when he first heard of the idea, he was skeptic about how it would ever work. Eventually, he became accustomed to the idea of playing the song and it went on to become one of the most natural collaborations he had ever done. In his words, the collaboration proved to be a lesson for him to always keep an open mind when it comes to music. He expressed how grateful he is to have taken a leap of faith and explored new music with BTS. 

While talking about the K-Pop boy band, Chris said that he feels special that some of the most popular artists in the world decided to team up with someone from the West. He believes that this is an indicator that people across the globe are just one big family. 

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