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Friday, April 1, 2022

Rob Kardashian And Tyga Call Out Blac Chyna Over Complaints About Child Support

Just recently, Blac Chyna was called out by her former boyfriends, Rob Kardashian and Tyga. The reason behind this public bashing was the reality TV star filing a complaint with the authorities about how her boyfriends did not pay for any child support.

Blac Chyna currently shares King Cairo, her nine-year-old son with Tyga, and Dream, her five-year-old daughter with Rob Kardashian. She took to the micro-blogging website, Twitter, to reveal that she had had to sell off her cars to manage child support. She went on to blame both her exes for not holding up their end of the bargain and providing financial support to their children

The TV star also accused her two exes of being the reason that she was humiliated. She claimed that being a single mother has taken a toll on her morals and beliefs as well. 

The post made by Blac Chyna was later on reposted by The Shade Room, an Instagram account. Tyga appeared in the comments, asking why he should provide child support to his ex-girlfriend when King Cairo spends a majority of his time with him. He went on to reveal that he pays no less than $40,000 for his son’s schooling, who resides with him from Monday to Saturday. According to the popstar, there is no reason for him to pay for child support. 

Soon after Tyga’s comment, Rob also showed up on the post, talking about how he is left to pay for his daughter’s schooling, as well as take care of her more than her mother. He further revealed that he pays $37,000 a year for Dream’s school, handles all medical expenses, and pays for all the extracurricular activities she takes part in. In his words, his daughter also stays with him from Tuesday to Saturday. Thus, he added, it is not his responsibility to pay for her child support. 

The Rack City hitmaker took note of the difference in schooling payments and made a joke about it to Rob. He wanted to know how he pays $3,000 less for Dream’s tuition, while he has to pay $40,000. The tweeted joke also included a laughing emoji.

Tyga and Chyna had been engaged from 2012 to 2014, whereas Rob Kardashian had been engaged to the model for a couple of months in the year 2016. 

In other news, Ariana Grande announced the launch of a fund to provide protection to transgender youth in light of the US legislation that aims to curtail their rights.

On the International Transgender Day of Visibility, the Side-to-Side hitmaker revealed that she has joined hands with Pledge, a fundraising organization, to establish her new project, named Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund. 

She made an Instagram post following her announcement, encouraging fans to make donations to the fund. She stated that she will be matching the sum of the donations raised from the initiative by giving no less than $1.5 million. She took to calling out the bills in the state legislature aimed at curbing the rights of transgender youth, saying that the fund will provide monetary support to organizations working for the rights of this segment.

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