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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Kanye Wests Hints At A New Song

In recent news, Kanye West has revealed that he is working on a new song, which will be a direct follow-up to his latest release, DONDA.

The Stronger hitmaker released his 10th and latest studio album just a few months ago. As of now, he has chosen to return to his studio to record his newest masterpiece. In his words, it is going to be a sequel to his most recent release, which he named after his deceased mother as a way of honoring her. 

Steven Victor, the COO of Good Music, which is Kanye’s music label, took to confirming in an email that the singer has started working on another album. He said that it will be named ‘DONDA 2’, once again honoring the memory of the popstar’s late mother. 

Before confirmation came by way of the COO, some footage of Kanye singing in the studio had emerged on the internet. In the clips, the popstar can be seen recording, alongside a well-known fellow rapper, namely Scarface. 

It is widely known that Scarface has previously worked with Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes, as well as Post Malone. DJ Akademiks shared a video in the month of September, which showed the Circles hitmaker and the 44-year-old rapper in the studio. Also present with them was Robin Pecknold, who was singing The Shrine/An Argument along with Post. 

Later on, Robin had taken to Instagram to post a selfie, captioning it ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding star’. He has not tried to hide his love for Fleet Foxes at all and has been quite vocal about it. In the year 2015, he had even taken to the micro-blogging website, Twitter, to write that it is the only group whose songs he loves listening to. Robin further added that the Fleet Foxes has not yet made a single song that he did not absolutely love. 

The singer also revealed that he once came very close to appearing in their LP that was released in 2020, named Shore. On the other hand, he talked about Post Malone, saying that the latter had one day shown up at the studio in LA. The Circles hitmaker had listened to some music and were quite supportive of the song they were producing. 

Soon after, the two had decided to feature Malone on the same album but, there had not been enough time and the idea of them collaborating had to be delayed. According to Robin, the popstar is a gentleman and a very sweet guy, who knows music inside and out. 

Praising his music skills, Robin said that Malone is the best melody writer working in the industry right now. He went on to gush about their casual friendship, which resulted in the pair coming back together to work on a new song. 

Post and Kanye had also paired up to work on a song together back in the day, namely, Fade from the year 2016. They had also been joined by Ty Dolla $ign for this song on The Life of Pablo album.

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