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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Britney Spears Calls Out Paparazzi For Hounding Her While She Fights A Stomach Bug

In recent news, Britney Spears has gone after the paparazzi for not giving her any privacy and instead, hiding outside the hotel she is living in, as she deals with a nasty stomach bug. 

The 40-year-old singer took to talking about her current vacation in Hawaii, alongside Sam Asghari, her fiancé. While discussing her much-needed holiday, she also shared how she has come down with a stomach bug and is battling an illness. 

She posted a video of herself taking in the sun, saying that she possibly has a stomach bug. According to the popstar, she has only felt this way once before when she was pregnant, and the nausea would have her down for days. She went on to complain about not being able to wake up properly, for which she goes to the gym to get her body up and working. 

Spears also shared that she has been experiencing these symptoms for the last month or so, due to which she has suffered weight loss. Disclosing further details, she added that last she checked, she had been down two pounds and her body is not reacting well to the stomach bug she has contracted. 

While discussing fighting the stomach bug, the singer opened up about feeling unhappy with her body. She went on to add how the media hiding outside her hotel room has made things worse by forcing her to adapt to being defensive. Referring directly to the paparazzi camped outside, she called them out for wanting to catch her while she is at her lowest. Spears told them to leave her alone so that she could recover in peace and privacy. 

Talking about her vacation, the Gimme More hitmaker further insisted that she should have the freedom to run around with no clothes on if she pleases, same as she should be able to recover without the paparazzi trying to get a ‘cheap shot’ of her. 

Spears went on to express that though she is grateful for the wonderful food and hotel in Maui, she is unhappy about the sneaky media persons hounding her all day and night. She iterated that the location is absolutely magical, but the paparazzi are ruining her holiday experience. 

In other news, John Legend recently revealed that he has come up with a skincare line designed specifically for people who have relatively darker complexions. 

The hitmaker of All Of Me decided to join hands with a couple of experts at A-Frame Brands to create his own personal brand. This was done particularly to deal with the challenges experienced by people who have melanin-rich skin. 

The singer further revealed that each and every product in his collection has been approved by reliable and reputable dermatologists, to be made accessible to people. He believes that this will be a good opportunity for people with all skin types to dress their face however they want. 

The 43-year-old released a statement, expressing his excitement about the skincare line. He stated that he wants to ensure that people with all kinds of complexions have access to high-quality products that allow them to nourish their skin to the full.

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