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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Kid Rock Refuses To Perform At Locations With Mask Mandates And Vaccines

In recent news, Kid Rock has made it clear that he will not be performing any of the shows of his upcoming tour in locations where there is a restriction on wearing masks and getting vaccinated. 

The All Summer Long singer is about to embark on the tour of Bad Reputation, which will take him through North America. The tour, which is going to take off in April, has scheduled shows in numerous locations and venues, however, the hitmaker has firmly stated that he will not be performing any shows in venues that have mandates against the deadly disease. 

While talking to fans through a Facebook video, Rock asserted that he made sure to not include any such places on his tour. But, he added, if any locations have made any changes to their rules and regulations and added coronavirus mandates, they will no longer be on the schedule of the Bad Reputation tour. He made it clear that his team will be removing them long before they get to any city on the tour. 

According to the singer, these venues will be paying back the payments they took from fans because he will not show up to perform, thus canceling his concert. 

The music icon, real name Robert Richie, further went on to assert that the reason he did not book any shows in Toronto and New York was their vaccine and mask mandates. He added that there was no chance that he would be singing his hit songs, such as ‘We The People’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’, while people hold up their vaccination cards and wear masks. 

The most recent release from the popstar, We The People consists of lyrics that take several jabs at the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, as well as Anthony Fauci, the expert on infectious disease. Moreover, after the release of the song, Rock claimed that Donald Trump, the former Commander in Chief, contacted him to congratulate him for having the courage to write and sing such a song. 

The 51-year-old took to Instagram to reveal that he had just gotten off the phone with the 45th President of the country, who had expressed his pride at the singer composing such a song. He added that We The People had climbed the iTunes charts and was number one on the list. 

In the same post, the hitmaker thanked all of his fans for their support and expressed excitement at starting the tour soon to meet everyone. 

In other news, George Ezra has revealed how overwhelmed he became at the prospect of touring amidst a lockdown. According to the 28-year-old singer, he will be releasing Gold Rush Kid, his third album, in the month of June. He added how the record has been inspired by the several positives that exist in his life. He further went on to add how the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on changing his perspective of fame and stardom.

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