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Friday, November 12, 2021

Travis Scott’s Attorney Calls Out Authorities For ‘Finger Pointing’

In recent news, attorney to Travis Scott has claimed that city officials in Houston are pointing fingers at the rapper, following the fatal crowd surge that took place during his concert at the Astroworld Festival. 

The Sicko Mode popstar had been performing his headlining songs in the NRG Park, located in Houston Texas. Several songs into this particular set and the crowd surged, causing eight people to lose their lives and injuring numerous others. 

A couple of statements were later issued to some outlets, in which the lawyer to the rapper, Edwin F. McPherson stated that the city officials have been pointing accusing fingers at his client. He believes that in the wake of the tragedy, the star has been receiving ‘inconsistent messages’ and the authorities have been backtracking from the statements that were originally made. 

McPherson added that Troy Finner, the Chief of Police of Houston, had previously released a statement saying that it is not possible to close when there are 50,000 or more individuals, as there is a risk of rioting from the youngsters. However, the lawyer pointed out that the Chief released a new statement, later on, asserting that Travis is responsible for not stopping his show when the crowd surged. 

While talking at a press conference following McPherson’s statements, Finner said that the local officials had not been granted the authority to put an end to the concert by Travis Scott. According to him, the ultimate authority to stop the set was in the hands of the entertainer and the production crew. The Chief of Police further clarified that he did not want to point fingers until the investigation had made significant progress or had come to an end. 

The attorney went on to say that reports of the Operations Plan had revealed that only the festival director and the executive producers have the authority to end the show. However, he continued that neither is part of the rapper’s crew. According to him, the statement made by the Chief of Police goes against their previous actions, when back in 2019, the officials cut off sound and power because the performance had run for more than five minutes. 

McPherson demanded that the officials move past the finger-pointing and investigate so that the relevant personnel can know exactly what went down and how it can be prevented in the future. 

While speaking at the press conference, Finner claimed that the investigation was currently in its early stages, which meant that a definitive timeline of the minutes of the tragedy could not be established. He insisted that the police officials present at the scene had asked the event organizers to halt the show, specifically when a festival-goer had come up to them for CPR. He went on to confirm that the security guard of the festival had not to be injected with drugs, as it was being speculated before. 

Scott took to social media to make a statement saying how devastated he was about the incident. He also said that he will be covering the funeral costs of those who had lost their lives at the show.

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