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Friday, November 19, 2021

Travis Scott Slammed With $750 Million Lawsuit Due To Astroworld Festival Strategy

In recent news, Travis Scott has been hit with a lawsuit for no less than $750 million, filed on behalf of over 100 people. All those who filed the charges are victims affected by the tragedy in the Astroworld Festival. 

The Sicko Mode hitmaker had been performing a headline set at the festival, located in the NRG Park in the city of Houston earlier in the month. During the show, hundreds of the attendees found themselves caught up in a crush, while the crowd surged forward. As a result, ten people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured. 

Scott has been slammed with over 35 lawsuits as a result and is now facing another. Tony Bubzee, Houston attorney, filed his lawsuit on behalf of no less than 125 fans. This also included the family of Axel Acosta, the 21-year-old who allegedly had to go through a cardiac arrest, on account of the crush. 

Buzbee claimed, as part of the charges that when Axel had collapsed, he was trodden on by people trying to ensure that they themselves were not crushed due to the crowd. According to reports, he lay on the floor under a mass of people, dying slowly. In the background, the attorney alleged, the music had continued to play and be streamed for around 40 minutes. 

A member, belonging to the legal team chosen by Buzbee, stated that Acosta’s death was only a result of negligence and therefore, needless. It went on to reveal that the firm is looking towards filing another lawsuit, which will include an additional 100 plaintiffs named in it. 

In a statement by Buzbee, the $750 million will be used to cover the mental, as well as physical injuries of the plaintiffs. It will also include a settlement for the loss of life. 

In the attorney’s words, there is no amount of money that could fill the void in the lives of these plaintiffs. However, he went on to add that the damages sought in the lawsuit will be an attempt to help, make up for, or fix the losses and harms suffered by these people. 

The lawsuit goes on to name Cactus Jack Records, the record label that Travis Scott uses, as well as Apple Music, Epic Records, Tristar Sports, and Entertainment Group, and Live Nation. The victims have also named the popstar’s special guest from that day, Drake, in the case. 

Following the occurrence of the incident, Scott had stated that he was devastated. While appearing on Good Morning America, the rapper’s attorney insisted that he had been unaware of what the crowd was experiencing at the time of his set. 

In other news, Drake and Kanye West have seemingly brought their long-standing feud to an end. This has been speculated due to the two posing together for a photo. Together, the two had attended a comedian Dave Chappelle’s show, held in Toronto, Canada. 

The Donda hitmaker took to sharing a photo of the two on Instagram and added an emoji of a white dove in the caption. On the other hand, the Certified Lover Boy rapper posted a video of the rappers enjoying the show together.

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