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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Cardi B Dolls Up In Nine Unique Outfits For American Music Awards

In recent news, Cardi B changed her outfits no less than nine times at the time of the American Music Awards.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker was assigned the task of hosting the ceremony. She started the evening by sporting two separate looks on the red carpet, belonging to the Microsoft Theater in the city of Los Angeles. Her first look of the evening was a black gown with a halter neck, which was made up of a leopard print pattern and a thigh-high split. She changed this outfit and wore a Schiaparelli gown. This particular dress was black and strapless. The superstar accessorized this dress by using a black veil, gold nails, long black gloves, as well as a dramatic gold mask, theatre-style. 

Right before the show began, Cardi B quickly changed into another outfit, kicking the show off in style. She wore a high-neck gown made out of black velvet, which was embellished with jewels. She further added a couture headpiece to her outfit, which was made by Alexandre Vauthier. 

Soon after the show started, the WAP rapper moved on to her next look for the evening. She came up on stage, while seated on the top of the luggage, designed especially by Louis Vuitton. Her dress was made out of black velvet and sported a coat style. The shoulders were silver and exaggerated and had sparkling high boots that went all the way up to the popstar’s thighs.

After sporting a series of black outfits, Cardi finally went on ahead and mixed a bit of color in her outfits for the day. The next outfit she wore was a gown in sheer lime green color, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. This was the same dress that she was wearing when she stepped up on stage to accept her award for the category of Favorite Hip-Hop Song. The rapper’s song Up had managed to beat out several nominations. 

The 29-year-old further used this chance to bring a lesser-known designer into the spotlight, by name of Jean-Louis Sabaji. She put on a purple velvet gown designed by the Lebanese dressmaker, which had feather shoulders and crystal embellishments. 

However, seemingly not content with a single headpiece, Cardi decided to put on another one sometime later in the evening, which was a fan-inspired piece. She wore it alongside a black-and-white gown and accessorized it with fingerless gloves. 

The hip-hop star then went on to round off the event by putting on a statement gold and blue jacket with pants made out of leather. The all-white look consisted of a pleated gown, splitting at the thighs, as well as a bejeweled hood. 

In other news, Madonna recently opened up about getting her hip replaced just last year. The 63-year old had been answering questions during the Paramount+ Q&A special, asked by fellow A-listers, such as Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish. Conor McGregor was also a part of the crew, who asked the Like A Virgin hitmaker about how she managed to stay in shape. In response, she talked about the experiences she has had with chronic pain.

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