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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Jessie J Expresses Devastation After Loss Of Her Baby

In recent news, Jessie J has revealed that she has been feeling overwhelmed with grief, ever since she suffered the loss of her unborn child. 

The Domino hitmaker revealed on Instagram that she had had a miscarriage. She shared that she had gone to the doctor and her sonographer had discovered that there was no heartbeat. This had been her third scan overall, which was carried out earlier in the week. 

The singer wrote that she is currently in the process of accepting this shocking news and that the sadness is overwhelming her. However, she added that she is strong and therefore, knows that she will be okay. Jessie went on to assert that millions of women across the globe have experienced this pain and perhaps even worse, and how the loss of her own child has allowed her to connect to those who have suffered before. According to her, a miscarriage is the loneliest feeling in the world. 

The popstar further explained that it had been her decision to have the baby on her own. She also recalled how getting pregnant had been a huge miracle for her. Though she is still in the process of accepting the loss of her child, the singer has been adamant that she will be going through with her gig scheduled in Los Angeles in the days to come. 

In her words, Jessie added that she is not trying to avoid her sadness by performing. On the contrary, she believes that singing is her therapy and that the two shows she has done in two years have proved that her soul needs this catharsis. 

The 33-year-old continued that she realizes that there are people who want her to cancel her show but, she refuses to do so on account of the clarity that singing provides to her. She reminisced that she had initially started singing just for joy when she was young. According to Jessie, it helped her fill her soul and acted as self-love therapy, which she needed at the time. She added that at least that has not changed in all these years. 

The star went on to motivate herself, adding that she deserves to deal with what she is feeling, rather than hide behind her music. 

In other news, Lady Gaga has expressed her gratitude at being nominated for no less than six Grammy Awards for her new album alongside Tony Bennett, Love for Sale. 

Following Cheek to Cheek released in 2014, the duo came up with another collaborative album, which was released in the month of September. It also consists of a record in which two are singing their own renditions of a couple of jazz standards by Cole Porter, an American composer. 

Just a couple of days ago, it was announced that Love for Sale had been nominated for six categories, which included Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, as well as Album of the Year. Lady Gaga took to Instagram shortly after to emotionally express how stunned she was at the recognition that the album was receiving.

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