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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Elton John Reveals He Is Still Prone To Tantrums

In recent news, Elton John has revealed that he may explode at any given moment.

Elton rose to international fame sometime around the 1970s. Soon after, he became famous for throwing tantrums, as well as carrying out eccentric antics. At the time, he was also making headlines for battling drug and alcohol problems. 

As of now, the singer is currently settled down with David Furnish, his husband. The couple share two sons and Elton himself acts as a mentor for stars who are troubled. However, he revealed that he is still battling some of his old demons. 

The Rocket Man hitmaker recalled how his behavior used to be unpredictable and erratic. He hinted that he is still prone to having explosive outbursts and therefore, is working to ensure that that does not happen. He applauded the efforts of his husband, who has been his constant support while he battles his demons. 

The 74-year-old rocker added that he believes that the fact that his past is constantly haunting him is an ‘artist thing’. According to him, artists are known to be self-destructive at times, without any reason. He added how he can be having a normal day when everything is fine, and then out of nowhere, he feels like the entire world is conspiring against him. 

Elton further revealed that he has been receiving treatment for his drug and alcohol addictions, which have helped him come a long way in his fight with social anxiety. 

Thinking back on his life, the singer remembered how until he became sober, he was afraid to talk to people. They would ask him how his treatment was going, and he would respond, saying he felt empty. However, Elton said that he eventually came to realize that he did feel something.

The 74-year-old asserted that he still has some bad thoughts and terrible feelings about himself but that it is okay, provided that he is receiving the help he needs. He attributed part of his mental struggles to a difficult relationship that he had with his parents. While talking about his children, Zachary, aged 10, and Elijah, aged 8, he stated that he never wants his children to be afraid of him or hold back on him. 

Elton talked about giving his children a stable and loving environment, where they do not get punished mentally or physically. He hopes to ensure that his children are able to discuss their problems with him, and not hide things from him for fear of getting punished, the way he was. 

In other news, New Order has announced that it will be live-streaming its upcoming show, scheduled for the O2 arena in London, which has been sold out. On the 6th of November, Bernard Sumner and Co. will be making their live debut at the venue, which can house up to 20,000 people. The band is now inviting fans, who were unable to buy tickets, on account of how quickly they sold out.

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