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Friday, October 29, 2021

Ed Sheeran Reveals He Is Embarrassed About His Songs

In recent news, Ed Sheeran has revealed that he feels embarrassed by the songs that he has previously released. 

The Bad Habits hitmaker is all set to release his latest album, called ‘=’ on the 29th of October, Friday. However, prior to the release, he has admitted that he believes that his music is embarrassing when he is writing or singing it. This is because the music and the lyrics come from a personal place and consist of his raw thoughts and feelings.

However, Ed added that until he does not feel wary about releasing a song and allowing the world to listen to it, he does not feel that it is a good enough track. 

The singer had been talking to Zane Lowe at the exclusive presented by Apple Music, ‘First Listen: Ed Sheeran’, when he discussed this matter. On the Livestream, he talked about how the songs are just his when he is recording them and reflect his emotions and thoughts. He added that the lyrics mainly consist of random and embarrassing things that come to his mind when he sits down to write. 

According to the popstar, if a song does not make him feel uncomfortable about releasing it, then there is something wrong with the song. But if putting music out makes him feel embarrassed and shy, then Ed knows that the song should be released. 

The 30-year-old went on to explain that the fact that his song lyrics make him feel embarrassed is a sign that they are relatable. He stated that the raw emotions and thoughts are the reason that people are able to find comfort in the music he puts out into the world. 

Speaking from experience, Ed asserted that whenever he is listening to the songs that he loves, there are lines when he can relate to the situation or the feeling. However, he revealed that these are things that he would never say out loud. 

When describing his songwriting process, the singer said that he tries to ensure that the lyrics he is writing are his honest thoughts. he believes that the key to writing songs that people can relate to is to just be open about how a person feels, despite how silly or ridiculous thought is. 

Part of the revelations of the night also consisted of Ed revealing that once his songs are released, he does not feel emotionally attached to them. In his words, his feelings in the studio are more intense, as compared to when the songs are put out into the world. 

One of the songs on Ed’s latest album has been titled ‘Visiting Hours, which deals with the loss of one of his close friends, Michael Gudinski. According to the singer, the song does not make him cry anymore as it is important to numerous other people in the world as well. 

The 30-year-old stated that his songs are personal when he writes them down and are from the heart. But once they are released, they are not his to call but for everyone to share.

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