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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Britney Spears Responds To Comments Related To Her Body

In recent news, Britney Spears has taken to respond to people making comments about her current physique. 

In the last few months, the Gimme More hitmaker has posted a handful of topless pictures on Instagram. This has led to numerous people offering her some unwanted and unsolicited advice regarding her body. In addition, some suggested a couple of body improvements, which she found to be especially offensive. 

While posting another topless picture of herself, the singer questioned why people keep offering her consultations for improvements related to her body. She went on to wonder if she was the only one offended by such suggestions, or if other people felt the same way. 

Spears went on to write that she is ‘extremely sensitive’ but would choose to fall off of a cliff rather than have someone tell her how she could improve her body. She asserted that she is completely against altering her body on the advice of a stranger, even if it is an expert. 

The popstar signed off on the post, telling people that they could ‘kiss her white ass’, if they think she would make any change to her body. 

Soon after the post, numerous fans took to social media to show support for the comments made by Spears. One of them wrote that she was perfect the way she is and does not need to make any changes at all. Another fan added how beautiful the singer is and that if people were looking to alter their bodies, they would want a physique like hers. 

Just last month, Jamie Spears, the hitmaker’s father, was suspended as her conservator after a time period of 13 years. He was replaced by an accountant, John Zabel, who was selected carefully by her legal team. Another hearing has also been scheduled in the month of November to talk about abolishing the entire legal arrangement for good. 

In other news, Lourdes Leon has taken to talking about the relationship she had with Madonna, her mother when she was a child. 

The 25-year-old model had been having a discussion with Debi Mazar, an actress when she admitted that her childhood had been controlling and strict. She added that her mother is still a control freak and has controlled her entire life. She recalled how she wanted to be fully independent and leave home as soon as possible, once she graduated high school. 

However, the model went on to praise and appreciate her mother for not being the one to give handouts, even to her family. But she did admit that due to her mother’s fame, all family members enjoyed the extensive privilege. 

According to Lourdes, her mother probably saw the children of other famous people and thought to herself that she did not want her children to be like this. According to her, when parents start to pay for things, it gives them leverage over their own children.

It was further revealed by the model that she hopes to eventually move away from her career in modeling. She revealed that her mother had suggested that she move on to being known for something other than her looks.

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