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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Sigma Star Joe Lenzie On The Way To Recovery After COVID

After a long battle with COVID-19, Joe Lenzie is finally on the mend. Cam Edwards disclosed that the bass and drum DJ duo had both been suffering due to the coronavirus. However, Sigma star Joe Lenzie had been hit the hardest and was completely zapped off energy after he caught the respiratory illness in the studio back in 2020. 

His musical partner revealed that because Joe had been very ill due to COVID-19, he had remained out of action for quite a while. He said that both of them had gotten ill after the session, but he hadn’t realized that Joe was extremely ill. He added that there were times when Joe was suffering quite a lot and he stayed in bed because he didn’t really have any energy. 

Luckily, he has pushed the worst of it behind him and Cam said that Joe was getting back to himself after getting through it all. He stated that Joe was recovering from a long bout of COVID and was finally getting his energy back. The ‘Hope’ stars are undoubtedly looking forward to getting back on stage, but Cam has given strict instructions to Joe about not returning until he feels he is ‘100 percent’ ready. 

The ‘Changing’ hitmaker also discussed the changes that had to be made to his diet in order to help during the recovery process. He said that Joe had also made a number of changes in his diet and many of those changes were ultimately going to help him get better in the long run. He also said that the good thing about them was that for the most part, he was the one who did the shows and Joe spent more time in the studio. Hence, until Joe feels 100% right, he wouldn’t have to do anything. 

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