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Saturday, August 28, 2021

R. Kelly Allegedly Stated That He Should Be Permitted To Date Minors

In recent news, a third apparent victim of R. Kelly has come forward and given a testimony, stating that the singer believes he should have permission to date underage girls. 

In the second week of the star’s trial, an accuser using ‘Stephanie’ as her pseudonym revealed that the 54-year-old sexually abused her, when she was only a minor. She claimed that Kelly back then had tried to justify his attraction to underage girls by asserting that he was a ‘genius’. He had compared himself to the rock singer, Jerry Lee Lewis, who had married his 13-year-old cousin. 

She recalled him once referencing Jerry Lee Lewis, deeming him to be a genius for marrying a young girl. According to her, while they were once having dinner, the I Believe I can Fly hitmaker had said that he is a genius and therefore, should be allowed to do whatever he wants when it comes to minors.

The alleged victim is now 39 years old, and she first met Kelly in the year 1998, at a McDonald’s in Chicago. Her account of her first encounter with the singer involved a friend of his coming up to her and asking her age. The friend had confirmed that she was sixteen years old and proceeded to question her regarding whether she knew who Kelly was. When she had said yes, he had given her Kelly’s number. However, Stephanie had thrown his number away because she had not intended to get in touch with him. 

At age 17, the victim ended up running into Kelly once again while shopping at a local mall, where he had been scheduled to perform. She had gone up to him and asked if he could help her friend with her singing career. After this exchange, he had allegedly asked her to come to his car. 

Stephanie claims that he had agreed to help out her friend and asked if he could get to know the victim. He had gone on to say that he likes to cuddle and whether or not she would be okay with that. 

In the testimony, the 39-year-old alleged that she met up with the singer at his studio the following week. According to her, their sexual encounters began when he initiated sex and continued on for the next six months. However, the victim deemed these meetings to be nothing short of humiliating. 

This anonymous accuser is the third woman to have testified against the singer in his New York trial. He is also currently being tried for no less than nine counts of racketeering, as well as for claims of luring young women and men into his circle, in order to sexually abuse them. Kelly, on the other hand, has pleaded not guilty to all of these counts. 

He has remained steadfast in maintaining that he is innocent. While giving their opening statements at the trial, his defense lawyers argued that the supposed victims of the popstar are only hurt fans, looking for attention and fame.

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