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Monday, July 5, 2021

Britney Spears Celebrates Legal Win To Hire Her Own Lawyer

In recent news, Britney Spears has won her fight to be able to hire her own lawyer. She celebrated by embracing the #FreeBritney campaign that has been going around on social media against the backdrop of her ongoing legal battle to put an end to her conservatorship.

Ever since rumors first surfaced of Britney being unhappy with her conservatorship back in 2019, fans have been using this hashtag to put an end to the control she is under. As of now, she is bound by a 13-year arrangement, which allows her father, as well as other appointees, to control her finances and life.

The fears that fans shared with respect to the wishes of the Toxic hitmaker have been proven to be true. Just last month, she testified in a hearing, saying that her father and his co-conservators have been abusing their position. She called for all of them, especially her father, to be prosecuted while giving a testimony on Wednesday.

At this particular hearing, she received the right to hire her own legal team, rather than have the court appoint them. She took to Instagram after the hearing to thank her fans, also using the famous hashtag herself for the very first time.

Posting a video of herself doing cartwheels in glee and going horse riding, with a middle finger emoji to cap it off, Britney said that she felt blessed and was grateful to her fans. She confirmed the good news of hiring her own legal representation and went on to say that everything was coming along fine.

The singer continued to write that she was especially thankful for the support that her fans had shown her. She ended the message with the hashtag, thereby acknowledging the intense social media campaign that her fans had been running. Ariana Grande, as well as Sam Asghari, Britney’s boyfriend, responded to her post with congratulatory and supportive comments. 

In addition, fans did not back off from showing their support to the star at her hearing on Wednesday. Judge Brenda Penny granted the singer the ability to go with her own legal representation during the proceedings. Consequently, she has decided to hire a former federal prosecutor, Mathew Rosengart, who has previously represented Keanu Reeves and Sean Penn.

Amid the ongoing proceedings, Britney made an appearance via video conferencing and stated that she wants to see her father get prosecuted. She revealed that she is going to fight a legal battle against him and ensure that he is charged for conservatorship abuse. According to the star, she wants to press charges against everything that he has done.

Moreover, Rosengart called on Jamie Spears, asking him to voluntarily vacate the position of being his daughter’s conservatory. As per Britney, her father has taken a bunch of damaging decisions regarding her and her life, against her will. This also includes forcing her to wear a contraceptive device at all times, despite the fact that she wanted to have a child with her boyfriend, Asghari.

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