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Monday, July 5, 2021

Britney Spear’s Mother Opens Up About Her Feeling Towards The Conservatorship Controversy

In recent news, Lynne, Britney Spears’ mother has opened up about how she feels regarding the conservatorship controversy surrounding her daughter. She stated that she has ‘mixed feelings’ when asked about the ongoing legal battle. 

The I’m a Slave 4 U hitmaker recently gave a bombshell testimony in court on the 23rd of June, in which she made it clear that she wants to put a stop to the legal restrictions that govern her life. These restrictions have been limiting the way Britney lives her life since the year 2008. 

Just recently, Britney failed in her attempt to have her father, Jamie Spears, removed from having complete control over decisions regarding her career. This happened only days before finance bosses from Bessemer Trust decided to step back and give up on being co-conservators. Now the musician’s mother has taken to breaking her silence over the matter, saying that the scandal has ripped her family to shreds. 

Lynne Spears revealed while being interviewed for the New Yorker that she has no idea what to do regarding the battle. She said that she does not know what to think and is in a lot of pain. According to two journalists, Jia Tolentino and Ronan Farrow, the mother of the singer was speaking in a whisper. She also refused to answer any detailed questions regarding the situation. 

People speculated that she was giving the interview behind her relatives’ back. This was inferred from the fact that she made an apology beforehand if she hung up the phone abruptly because of a family member walking into the room. 

These comments from Lynne came amid Britney alleging that she is a victim of abuse. The hitmaker had placed a call to emergency services to inform that she is oppressed as a result of the conservatorship that she is under. 

As per sources, Britney made the call just a day before the court date for Los Angeles was announced, which grabbed headlines and turned a lot of heads. During the hearing, she compared herself to a victim of sex trafficking, linking it to her abuse. She went on to insist that her father, as well as his co-conservators, should all be sent to jail. 

On the other hand, Jamie has denied all claims of mistreatment. He stated that he has never abused his daughter under the conservatorship. According to him, there should be an investigation into the claims being made by the singer, which include forcing her to go on stage for a performance, while on the 2018 tour. In addition, he added that he has not banned Britney from marrying Sam Asghari, her boyfriend, nor has he done anything to prevent her from starting a family with him. 

The popstar’s former manager, Sam Lufti, has also claimed that she would often borrow phones from strangers to make calls to him. He added that the mother-of-two calls him every now and then, but uses phones belonging to random people, to ensure that she does not attract the attention of her father or co-conservators. According to him, she is reaching out to him in secret, while hiding in her closet.

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