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Friday, July 30, 2021

Dolly Parton Voices Support For Britney Spears Amid Her Ongoing Conservatorship Battle

In recent news, Dolly Parton has publicly voiced out her support for Britney Spears, as the latter fights her ongoing conservatorship battle. She said that she understands some of the crazy things that the popstar is currently going through, due to the control that she is under. 

The Jolene legend appeared in a remote interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. There she was questioned about the conservatorship battle and her views on it. 

The 39-year-old Britney Spears has been engaged in a legal battle to put an end to the legal control that her father has had over her career and life. According to Dolly, this is something that she resonates with because there has been such a moment in her life as well. 

While giving the interview, she talked about what a wonderful artist Britney is and went on to praise her personality. She wished the popstar the best and recalled how she had had to fight a legal battle too, back in the day. Opening up about her court battle, Dolly revealed that she had filed a lawsuit against Porter Wagoner in the early days when she had been trying to make it on her own. 

Going on to express support for Britney, she said that she understood where the singer was coming from and hoped that she would be successful in her legal battle and fight off her father’s control. 

Back in the year 1979, Dolly had fought a lawsuit against Porter. She had wanted an out after the former musical duo entered into an argument. Following their falling out, he had filed a lawsuit of $3 million against the country star, claiming that she had breached their contract. The matter, however, never made it to court and a settlement was made. Sources said that Dolly had suggested that she pay $1 million to put the matter to bed. 

Just recently, the court had allowed Britney to hire her own legal team. Her primary attorney, Matthew Rosengart, moved to file legal paperwork to ensure that her father, Jamie Spears, is removed from the conservatorship. It has been controlling her life since the year 2008. 

In other news, the former manager of the popstar, Sam Lufti, has released a couple of voicemail messages, which he claims were sent to him by her in the year 2009. In the voicemails, she can be heard begging him to help her get her out of the conservatorship that she is stuck in. 

According to Lufti, he represented Britney between 2007 and 2008. He claimed that he had gained notoriety when he was partly blamed for the singer’s breakdown in public at the time. As of now, she has a restraining order against him but, he leaked a couple of voicemails, which he believes will help the Toxic hitmaker in her ongoing legal battle.

In these voicemails, Britney allegedly claims that she is being blackmailed, confined, and stripped off of her civil rights by her father and his co-conservators. 

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