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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Publisher Refers to Jamie Lynn Spears’s Memoir as Incomplete and Incorrect

The publishing company, Worthy Publishing, has deemed that the title of the upcoming memoir of Jamie Lynn Spears, as well as the information going around on the internet, is both incomplete and incorrect. 

The listing for the new book showed up online earlier on Friday. It is titled I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out, which makes a reference to the 1998 hit song by her sister, Britney Spears, by the name ‘Baby One More Time’. 

The description of the memoir on Barnes & Noble’s website talks about how the book contains intimate details, as told by the singer and actress Jamie Lynn Spears. It went on to add that she has penned down her unfiltered story, with respect to being a star when she was a child, going to become a mom in her teenage years, and the time she spent away from the spotlight. The book further consists of the star recalling the ATV accident, which threatened the life of her daughter, as well as the star’s journey to discovering vital elements that makeup life, such as family and love. 

In addition, the listing promises that the memoir is full of stories about the Spears’s family that have never been heard before, which are inspiring, funny, uncomfortable, and messy at different times. According to Jamie, this book will help the world realize that her family is akin to any other family out there.

Where the book is concerned, the publishing company revealed that incorrect information was being circulated. It insisted that the title being used on the listing was only a ‘placeholder’. They expressed regret that the memoir is being discussed in the public space at a time that is sensitive for the Spears’s family.

A spokesperson for Worthy Publishing went on to inform that the book written by the star is still untitled. It will be published in January of 2022. They added that Jamie Lynn’s memoir has been in the works for the last 12 months. According to them, once it is published, it will give the world an opportunity to hear her story directly from the actress herself. They said that complete and accurate details regarding the project will be given at an appropriate time, in order to celebrate its release next year. 

The news regarding Jamie Lynn’s book emerged just as the former actress of Zoey 101 appealed to the fans of her elder sister to stop sending death threats to the family, related to the controversial conservatorship of the Toxic hitmaker. 

Soon after Britney revealed, at her conservatorship hearing last month, that her father and co-conservators have been traumatizing and abusing her, fans lashed out at her entire family. They called out the Spears’s family for leaving the pop star with no control over her life. 

This was when Jamie Lynn took to Instagram to defend herself, saying that she respects her sister’s right to express herself. She went on to ask fans to stop leveling death threats at the family, especially the children. 

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