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Monday, June 28, 2021

Britney Spear’s Brother-In-Law Insists Her Family Wants The Best For Her


Jamie Watson, Brother-in-Law to Britney Spears, recently spoke out about the testimony that she gave at her conservatorship hearing in the previous week. He insisted that her family is only trying to look out for her and do what is best for her. 

Watson is married to Jamie Lynn Spears and gave an interview saying that each and every member of the singer’s family holds a lot of love for her. He stated that they are very supportive, as she tries to break free from the control that her father, Jamie Spears, has had on her life since the year 2008. 

He went on to say that the rest of her family wants to see her achieve her goal and do what is best for her. According to him, he would not stay in contact with people who did not support Britney. 

His comments regarding her came only a couple of days after Britney gave a bombshell testimony at her conservatorship hearing in the city of Los Angeles. She informed the judge that she is looking to terminate the legal agreement that allows her father to control her life. She claimed that not a single person in her family did anything to help her when her father decided to take control of every aspect of the pop star’s life, including her reproductive rights and finances. 

She revealed that she wants to sue her entire family and be honest with the world, regarding the things that they did to her. Britney said that she wants the world to know her story and does not want to keep anything a secret anymore for the benefit of her family members. In her words, she does not want to hush up the situation. 

The musician noted that her family has benefited from the conservatorship for the past 13 years. Opening up about why she did not come forward before, she revealed that the situation was demoralizing and embarrassing for her.

Britney expressed resentment at the fact that multiple news stations would make calls to her family and ask them to do news interviews. Meanwhile, she claimed, she had to listen to them talk about the situation and feel stupid. She was not given the freedom to talk about a single thing. 

Jamie Spears also responded to her testimony, through an attorney. He said that he is sorry to hear about the pain she is in and how much she has suffered. Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, also gave a statement through her lawyer, saying that she is a very involved and concerned mother.

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