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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Jessie J Opens Up About Struggles with Health Issues

In recent news, Jessie J has opened up about how she has been struggling to sing due to her health issues. She revealed that she has been in a significant amount of pain every single day, owing to her diagnosis of Meniere’s disease in the last month of 2020. 

The Price Tag hitmaker made a public announcement regarding her health crisis towards the end of December, revealing that the severe inner ear condition had caused her to feel dizzy and go deaf on Christmas Eve. 

Ever since her diagnosis, Jessie informed that she has been dealing with nodules and acid reflux on her vocal cords, as well. This has caused her to not be able to sing for the past couple of months, while she was tested repeatedly and attended medical appointments to find a cure for her ailments. 

On Friday, the popstar posted a close-up video, in which she is singing her latest release to herself. While singing I Want Love, she can be seen fighting back tears. Later on, Jessie also revealed that she had filmed the video for her speech therapist when she had been undergoing some personal problems.

The caption of the post talked about how the singer had been reduced to tears after feeling vulnerable while singing. The musician admitted that she has not sung her own single to this day, ever since recording it, due to the pain that she is experiencing. According to her, given that singing is her happiness and lifeline, it has been difficult to not be able to do just that. 

The singer claimed that she is a loud person and not being able to talk or sing has been taking a toll on her. She went on to explain that though she had kept the matter private for the past couple of months, she was ready to open up to her fans and be honest with them. Jessie said that she had also believed that the matter would have been solved by now but, the burn in her throat had been a constant since the month of February. 

The musician recalled how she had been ignoring the pain for a while, dismissing it as fatigue, in a series of stories on Instagram. Upon visiting the doctor, she was told that she had been singing with acid reflux, which could have been the result of the steroids she had taken for her ear. Acid reflux leads to the vocal cords spasming together and causing little blisters in the throat. 

Jessie discussed how afterward she had decided to switch up her medication for Meniere and stopped singing and talking. She also began to follow a restricted diet, while undergoing exploratory procedures. This meant that cameras were being stuck down the singer’s throat to try and find the solution for her ailments. 

Despite the fact that the nodules have somewhat melted away, Jessie continues to experience severe pain in her throat, as the other ailments have not yet been cured. 

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