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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Michael Costello Claims He Was Blindsided By Bullying Allegations From Leona Lewis

In recent news, Michael Costello, the famous designer, has revealed that he was ‘completely blindsided’ when he first heard that Leona Lewis was claiming that he had bullied her. 

Soon after the allegations surfaced, Costello took to social media to claim that he had been bullied by Chrissy Teigen really badly back in 2014. As a result of being bullied, he had had some suicidal thoughts. He seemed to be appalled by the fact that the Bleeding Love singer has decided to come forward and pointed an accusatory finger at the designer himself. According to her, he bullied her right before a charity fashion show that took place in 2014. 

The British star had posted series of stories on Instagram, alleging that she was made to feel quite uncomfortable and awkward while undergoing a fitting. In her words, this was because the dress she was trying on was a sample and the designer, as well as his team, did not want it to fit her. She claimed that Costello had canceled on her, owing to the fact that he did not believe her to be of the right body type. Leona stated that she had suffered professionally and personally due to her experience with the designer. 

However, Costello was more than surprised at the accusations being made against him. He insisted on Instagram that this was all a shock to him, especially given that he was under the impression that he and the singer shared a good relationship. 

Addressing the British star directly, the designer maintained that he was stunned to hear that she had had a traumatic experience with him at the Go Red Women charity event, held in the year 2014. He recalled how he had gushed over Leona and had confessed that he loves her songs. Costello further appreciated her for being beautiful and talented and stated that he had taken pictures with her. 

According to the popular designer, he had given the singer several dress options for the charity and that he had loved them so much that she had reposted a picture of the event a year later as well. He asserted that over the years, her team had requested several customized looks for her, which he had happily created. He then informed me that he had received another request in May of 2021. 

Costello added several screenshots of the conversations he had had with Leona’s team on his Instagram and shared pictures of her wearing his dresses. 

When talking about the accusations, he stated that he does not take body shaming lightly, given that his entire career is built around celebrating women of all sizes and shapes. However, the designer went on to apologize for unintentionally hurting her. He also expressed appreciation at the fact that she had continued to employ his services, even after all that happened. 

He went on to call out the singer, saying that she could have reached out to him directly, instead of posting this on social media. The popular designer stressed the need to respect people’s mental health before going on talking about his struggles with them.

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