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Friday, June 4, 2021

Gary Barlow Reveals He Wants to Sing Alongside Coldplay

In recent news, Gary Barlow has stated that he would love to sing Viva la Vida instead of Chris Martin. 

The singer appeared on Magic Radio Breakfast earlier in the morning on Friday with Tom Price and Kat Shoob. The two were filling in for Harriet and Ronan. While having an open discussion with the two of them, Gary went on to admit that he was feeling quite anxious about going back to work after being in lockdown. 

The songwriter also chatted about his upcoming show ‘I’m With The Band’ and recalled how he had not slept at all in the days that led up to the filming. He said he had been feeling very anxious because he would have to turn up at a place at a given time to perform. According to him, the idea of everyone looking at him was especially daunting. 

Gary went on to express his gratitude that his bandmates Mica Paris, Jamie Cullum, Tom Fletcher, as well as James Bay felt just like him. All five of them agreed that getting into a car and going somewhere felt a little strange. Though it is quite common for them, the normality of it all appeared to be weird to the singer. 

The TV special of Gary’s aired on the 4th of June, Friday, will be featured on BBC One. In the show, he joined hands with a bunch of other musicians to put together a band for a single night. The Magic presenters also questioned him about other bands that he would like to have on board. To this, the songwriter replied that he would want to work alongside Coldplay. 

Gary revealed that he feels lucky and grateful that he is part of a band that does not fight all the time. He is quite happy with the fact that he and his bandmates share a mutual liking for one another. According to him, Coldplay also appears to be on the same page as his band. He admitted that the band members from Coldplay seem to be at ease with each other. Therefore, Gary added that he would, one day, like to nudge the lead singer to the side and sing the band’s hit song, Viva la Vida. 

The new TV show is the first time that Gary will be performing in person ever since the pandemic first hit. It is expected that live music is going to make a quick return as well. 

The singer was also questioned about a rumor related to Vegas residency, to which he responded that the band will be exploring that particular avenue when it is safe. This gave all the Take That fans something good to look forward to.

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