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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Elton John Gives Credit to Coronavirus Lockdown for Helping him Start Dieting and Exercising


In recent news, Elton John has said that it is due the coronavirus lockdowns that he was able to overhaul his lifestyle. He added that staying at home has led to him being the fittest that he has been in a while. 

The Tiny Dancer singer made the decision to start a new exercise regime and work on his body to ensure that he was not overweight by the time the restrictions in the country were eased. Over the last 12 months, he has managed to walk no less than 42 miles in his swimming pool that is located in his sprawling estate.

Elton recently joined Troy Deeney, the soccer star, on his podcast, Deeney Talks, and shared his exercising regime. He added that he has gotten really fit by playing tennis and walking in the pool. According to him, he wanted to make sure that he was no longer overweight when the lockdown ended and he went back on tour. The singer claimed that once normal life resumes, he will be the fittest he has ever been in his life. 

While discussing his new fitness regime, the 74-year-old revealed that the fact that he suffers from Type 2 Diabetes has also motivated him to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

The singer maintained that he has two children and he wants to stick around for as long as possible for them. He has two sons, Elijah, aged eight, and Zachary, who is 10 years old. He shares both of his children with David Furnish, his husband. 

Elton added that once he decided to lose weight, he sat down with his doctor and nutritionist and asked them how it could be done. His doctor asked him how he wanted to spend the rest of his life, before telling him to pull himself together and stick to a healthy regime. As per his nutritionist, the 74-year-old would see benefits if he exercised on a daily basis and followed a healthy diet, which came true. 

The singer’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour has been scheduled to resume in September in Europe. It was previously postponed on account of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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