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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Ed Sheeran Opens Up About Sponsorship Deal Being a Long Process

Ed Sheeran recently admitted that sponsoring his beloved soccer team has been a long and tiring process.

The 30-year-old hitmaker was given the responsibility to sponsor Ipswich Town, which he has revealed required a lot of hard work. According to him, even striking a deal had turned out to be a challenging task. Sheeran previously sponsored a girls’ team, which consisted of players being under the age of 11. 

He also added that he had been aware that the previous sponsorship deal of the team had been close to an end. Therefore, he had been eager to fill the void. 

The chart-topping pop star believes that the news of him sponsoring Ipswich Town has been widely welcomed. He claims that the fans are well aware that he is devoted to the team and cares passionately about it. 

Sheeran recalled that he had contacted the person in charge and inquired whether or not the team needed a sponsor. He had been over the moon on receiving a positive response. 

The singer went on to say that in his opinion, the positive reaction from the fans also stems from the negative reaction on the part of the European Super League. He maintained that it is the polar opposite of wealthy people, who own a team and decide to monetize it. 

Earlier in the month, Sheeran entered into a one-year deal for the sponsorship of shirts of women’s and men’s first-ever teams at Ipswich. At the time, he had declared that given that the football club is a major part of the local community, he is going to show support for it in any way he can. 

It is no secret that the pop star has a long-standing affinity with the soccer team. He also expressed excitement at watching Ipswich play once the restrictions of the coronavirus are eased. 

The hitmaker explained that he has always enjoyed the trips he has taken to Portman Road and is looking forward to setting foot there, as soon as supporters are allowed inside stadiums once again. 

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