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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cher Announces New Biopic on her 75th Birthday

On Wednesday, Cher started her first day as a 75-year-old by making an important announcement. According to her, she has been working on a huge new movie project, which just happens to be about her life. 

The music icon started her celebrations by taking to the micro-blogging website, Twitter, to reveal that Eric Roth, a popular Oscar-winning screenwriter, will be penning the script for her biopic. 

Producers of Mamma Mia! Gary Goetzman and Judy Craymer have also been brought on board to work on producing the musical project at Universal Studios. The two have previously worked with the Believe hitmaker on Here We Go Again, the sequel of Mamma Mia! back in 2018.

The music icon showed her excitement in her tweet by announcing that she is looking forward to working with all three of her talented friends. She also asserted that she is especially happy to have the Oscar-Winner screenwriter on board, who has been her friend for the past four years. 

A little later, Craymer took to confirming the news in a statement. She said that the biopic is going to be developed in a way to effectively capture the decades-long and glittering career of the hitmaker. She added that she and Gary both, are thrilled to once again work with the music icon, only this time they will be assisting her in bringing her true and empowering life odyssey to cinemas. According to her, it is impossible to not be inspired by and drawn to the larger-than-life talent that Cher possesses, as well as her unique wit, vision, warmth, and fortitude. 

Roth also talked about how he was looking forward to writing the script for the popstar’s biopic. He maintained that Cher’s unparalleled fame and success in both TV and music have inspired many around the world. He said that he is quite happy to be writing her story for the big screen. 

Just recently, the Oscar-winning screenwriter penned a script for an upcoming historical film, Killers of the Moon, for Martin Scorsese. It is all set to feature Robert De Niro, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio. He has also co-written the Dune reboot, which is a highly anticipated movie, alongside Jon Spaihts, and director Dennis Villeneuve. 

The music icon has previously collaborated with Roth, such as in Suspect, a film from 1987, which was written by him. It starred Liam Neeson and Dennis Quaid and Peter Yates was the director at the time. 

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