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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tiny Harris and T.I Being Investigated for Drugging and Sexual Assault Claims

In recent news, Tiny Harris and T.I are undergoing an extensive investigation over being accused of drugging and sexual assault. 

A report was published on Monday, which revealed that the celebrity couple have been accused by several people for sexual abuse, in the past couple of months alone. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has personally taken up the responsibility to investigate these claims, especially the one that accused them of drugging, and consequently, sexually assaulting a woman in the year 2005. 

The woman, Jane Doe, had a meeting with a handful of detectives from the LAPD back in April and claimed that she had been victimized. Mike Lopez, the Public Information Officer of the LAPD, confirmed that the police department has opened up an investigation into the matter. He added that further details will not be provided to the public right now. 

Tyrone A. Blackburn, the lawyer to the victim, wrote a letter to the investigators regarding the incident. He stated that the women had been introduced to the celebrity couple by a runner, who had been handing out flyers at a mall frequented by the locals. Tiny Harris, also known as Tameka Harris, and T.I. invited her to join them at a club the next night. 

The woman alleged that while at the club, she had two drinks. Soon after, she had been offered to take a sip from the drink Tiny was having. She accepted the offer and later on, rode with the celebrity couple to their hotel room. When they got there, she claimed that all three of them took off all their clothes and decided to have a shower before coming back to the bedroom. 

The accuser went on to say that she blacked out a little later after vomiting. She woke up with soreness, itching, and a feeling of burning around her vagina. As per the report, Jane Doe believes that she had been drugged when she took a sip from Tiny’s drink. 

Rachelle Jenkins, another woman, also came forward and filed a report. She told the Las Vegas Police Department that she had been assaulted in somewhat of a similar manner by the pair, back in the year 2010. 

Meanwhile, one of Tiny and T.I.’s attorneys has claimed that none of them have been contacted by the relevant authorities to question them about the alleged investigation. He went on to state that neither the LAPD nor LVPD have been in contact, along with a law enforcement official of any other jurisdiction in the entire country. 

The lawyer went on to say that the fact that the accuser has chosen to be anonymous in the case filed with the LAPD, is making it difficult for them to refute, disprove, or examine the allegations she made.

On the other hand, he added that though they are aware of the name of the accuser who filed the report with the LVPD, they have no details about her nor her claim. 

Blackburn has reported that he is representing a total of 11 accusers, which include one man and 10 women, who have come forward and accused the celebrity couple of more or less the same things. 

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