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Friday, April 23, 2021

Kehlani Disappointed at the Lack of Enthusiasm from her Family on Coming Out

In recent news, Kehlani has revealed that she is a little upset by the fact that none of her family members were shocked when she finally came out of the closet. 

The singer posted a TikTok video confirming that she is a lesbian. Earlier, she had revealed the same thing while hosting an Instagram Live. The snippet of her coming out of the closet and talking about her sexuality went viral on social media. 

In her TikTok she started out by asking fans if they know about ‘the video’. Kehlani then added that the video clip contains the truth and that she is, in fact, gay. 

However, the star expressed that she is a little unhappy by the reaction of her family members. She had hoped that they would be more surprised when she declared that she was lesbian. 

According to Kehlani, she went up to her family, hoping to have a heart to heart. But they were not as enthused as she had expected. In their words, everyone in the popstar’s family was already aware of her sexual preferences. 

She expressed that she had expected them to be excited and rush to congratulate her. However, that had not happened. 

She later on reflected on how her family was more aware of her sexuality than she was. Kehlani said that her family teased her on being the only one who was not clued in on her own preferences. They added that the closet she was in was made of glass. 

The singer ended her video by saying that she just wanted her fans to know about her sexual preferences as well. She also remarked that this is something that everyone knew, except for her. 

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