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Thursday, April 15, 2021

CHIKA Announces She is Retiring from Music

CHIKA, a rapper nominated for a Grammy, recently made an announcement that has shocked her fans and the music industry. She stated that she will be retiring from making music.

The 24-year-old-star has been in contention for the award of Best New Artist in this year’s ceremony. She revealed that she will be stepping down from her career in the music industry and went on to add that she took this decision due to her deteriorating mental health. 

She released a statement to discuss her retirement. In it, she addressed her fans and told them that the impact that being a part of the music industry has on a person’s mental health is not something that can be recovered from easily. The star had signed on with Warner Records in the year 2019, soon after she garnered attention on different social media platforms. 

However, there were those who were rejoicing in the fact that the mental health of the songwriter and poet was declining. She took to Twitter to reveal that there were a bunch of ‘psychotic fans’ who made fun of her and harassed her when she announced that she was retiring. 

According to the singer, the behavior of these fans was not ‘cool’ and neither was it a part of ‘stan culture’ or ‘rolling’. She accused them of pushing people to the point of no return. 

CHIKA released an EP ‘Once Upon A Time’ just last month, which followed Full Bloom // A Poetry from 2017 and Industry Games from 2020. 

CHIKA, the real name Jane Chika Oranika, has also been featured on tracks of Stevie Wonder and JoJo amongst others. She is well-liked by Snoop Dogg as well, who requested her to write him in a song. He personally told her that he especially loves her songs and her music and that he wanted her to hear it from his mouth. 

CHIKA has been quite vocal about societal and political issues in the past. Moreover, she was also detained by police officials while she was attending a Los Angeles protest over the killing of George Floyd in the year 2020. 

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