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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Sia Becomes a Grandmother

At only age 44, the popular and talented singer, Sia has become a grandmother. 

Last year, the Chandelier hitmaker had adopted two 18-year old boys. They had not yet aged out of the foster care system when Sia found them and decided to make them her family. In recent news, she announced that her family has welcomed two new members again. 

While having a casual chat with Zane Lowe of Apple Music, the popstar was ecstatic. She exclaimed that her youngest son had become a father and had two babies. She was over the moon at becoming a grandmother. 

Going into details, Sia revealed that she wants her two grandchildren to call her Lovey. She was inspired by her friend Kris Jenner whose 10 grandchildren refer to her with the same name. 

However, the singer was not only celebrating the happiness of one son. She told Zane how one of her sons had recently come out to her. She explained how proud she was of him and how he is simply blossoming. Sia added that he is the light of her life and she absolutely adores him. 

Though the musician and her two Black boys are now happy and their relationship is flourishing, were not always like that. She admitted that things had been rocky at first and they had been unable to bond with her. But, over time they had opened up to her about their lifelong struggles as they bounced from one foster home to another. 

Sia informed the world that her sons had lived in 18 different places in the 18 years of their lives. She insisted that the foster care system was up to no good and was completely corrupt. She also went on to say that the service was failing those that depended on it. 

Because of the trauma they have suffered, Sia’s boys have a tendency to get in trouble. On various occasions, the Australian star has had emotional conversations with them to ensure that they stay out of trouble and do not break any rules. She said that she does not want them to come into conflict with authorities. 

The hitmaker opened up about what she would say in conversations like these. She would explain to them that she was only trying to keep them out of trouble because she is there mother. She told them that she does not want to see them in prison owing to the color of their skin and history. Sia made them understand that she did not want them to be a part of the 5% of the population that ended up spending their lives in prison. 

Thinking back on her journey with her two sons, Sia admitted that it had made her aware of how important it is to stand up against racial injustice. Raising two Black boys has inspired her to be vocal and step up in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The singer also stated that she is afraid for her boys and their safety. 

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