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Thursday, July 2, 2020

August Alsina Claims Will Smith Gave Him Permission to Date Jada

In recent news, August Alsina has revealed that Will Smith allegedly granted him permission to date Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife. Until now the 27-year old singer had refused to comment on rumors surrounding him and Jada. But, he recently decided to let the world know the truth about whether he was dating Will’s wife or not. 

While promoting his latest album Product III: state of emergency, Alsina talked to Angela Yee, a popular radio personality. He revealed the truth about the rumored relationship, insisting that he had received the go-ahead from his beloved’s husband. He claims that Will willingly permitted that the singer court his 48-year-old wife. 

Recalling the alleged incident, the pop star claimed that Will sat down with him and had a proper conversation. He stated that because their marriage had transformed into a life partnership, Will allowed him to date, Jada. The hot couple share two children, Willow and Jaden. 

While talking to Page Six, a representative for Jada denied the entire story narrated by Alsina. They said that there is no truth to the story and the claims made about Will are all false. 

As the discussions continued between Angela and Alsina, he said that he completely devoted himself to his relationship with Jada. The singer added that he truly and deeply loved her and still harbors that love. He let his feelings for her consume him and he gave the relationship his all. Alsina revealed that if he were to die right now, he would go happily knowing that he loved someone with that magnitude. He also admitted that he felt lucky that he was able to experience the extent of love that most people do not even get the chance to, in this lifetime. 

The popstar added that ever since the rumors surfaced of him dating Jada, wife of Will Smith since 1997, he has lost relationships, friendships, and of course, money. He had to suffer losses that he could not bear.

Alsina went on to say that he was not okay with people questioning and assassinating his character based on the nature of his relationship with the 48-year-old. He claimed that he could not stand and have his character ruined and torn apart like that. Denying popular belief that he is a troublemaker, the 27-year-old explained that he does not like to associate with anything that is questionable. He was quite adamant that he has not done anything wrong. Where he and drama are concerned, Alsina stated that he does not seek it but rather, feels nauseous by it.

However, his interview with Angela came to a dramatic end. The singer stated that his relationship with Jada had had an everlasting effect on him, emotionally and mentally. Pointing to himself, he explained that he was shaking right now because his time with Will Smith’s spouse has broken him down. He felt like he had morphed into a new person entirely. Concluding, Alsina claimed that the relationship killed him. 

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