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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Cardi B Denies Allegations of Being Transphobic and Homophobic

Once Cardi B was called out by fans for being homophobic and transphobic, she spoke up denying all such allegations on Twitter.

The star was recently involved in an argument with users on the social media site. This resulted from a fan account sharing a tweet that referenced a mention of the Bodak Yellow star. Love, Victor, a masterpiece created by Hulu revolves around a gay teenager and where Cardi’s name pops up. 

The fan account stated that the hitmaker has been mentioned in episode 4 of the series. The scene is set in which there is an ongoing discussion about a mother being removed from a basketball game. The reason being the mother’s excessive dancing. The quote that ensued from the person posting was that no one enjoyed the parent twerking like a ‘geriatric’ Cardi B. 

Though Cardi did not say a word to this tweet, another one was soon fired upon her. Another user replied to this post taking aim at the 27-year-old. They claimed that it was crazy given that the pop star is transphobic and homophobic. This led to Cardi losing her cool and getting involved in a spat with the user. She fired off several tweets once she took a stand for herself. 

She demanded the user to explain exactly what proof did they have that she was transphobic or homophobic. She questioned whether they had been to the Caribbean where homophobia is rampant. In her rage, the hitmaker also asked whether the user had ever dealt with a parent who was unaccepting of their child’s sexuality. 

Cardi went on to admit that she had said a couple of ignorant things before. However, she added that she had apologized for it and educated herself. This was in reference to a transphobic meme that appeared on her Facebook page some time ago. The singer claimed that it has been posted by a former staffer and apologized on her behalf. 

Infuriated, the hitmaker called out people saying that they continue to use one video against her. Cardi said that she has apologized several times for it but, people do not stop accusing her of being transphobic and homophobic. Directing her tweets to the user, she asked if they had noticed the multiple times that she has tweeted in favor of both communities in question. She affirmed that people continue to overlook her support for the LGBT community for simply a single video. 

In another tweet, Cardi B also explained how she has always been in favor of LGBTQ+ people. The music icon said that she understands their struggles because she witnessed the trouble her gay cousin had when he came out to his strict Dominican family. 

Ending her rant on twitter, the superstar told people off telling them that it is not cool to call her homophobic and transphobic. She encouraged them to research the meaning of two words and then delve into her posts to find out just how much she supports both the communities. Cardi stated that she has been posting in support of the LGBT community long before she rose to fame. 

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