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Thursday, July 16, 2020

ZENY 39" Electric Guitar [Amp, Case and Accessories] Review

Zeny 39 Full-Size Electric Guitar provides a smooth and ideal tone for rock & roll, and playing the blues and other tones in between. The natural and bright sound comes because of the solid wood. Zeny 39 is constructed of a solid wood that is good for the life of the guitar & turning machine. Zeny 39 Full-size electric guitar is the best gift for guitar lovers.  

Zeny 39 is a beautiful functional electric guitar; you will enjoy playing your favorite tones with more dedication and practice. Best quality and good surface makes it a perfect choice for you. This is a lightweight and very easy to carry. Hard texture solid basswood and high density will provide a long life to your guitar and turning machine. Zeny has a relaxed touch feel & very easy to sound. it’s fashionable and unique design and perfect quality will help the beginners to improve their skills.

The body of this guitar is made of basswood, this is a very light wood and that is why it is a very ideal choice for the beginners who do not like to use the guitar made of heavier wood. It is also featured with a stylish pickguard; it will help you to protect your guitar from scratch.

Zeny 39 Full-Size Electric Guitar comes with a beautiful travel bag, you can easily carry your guitar to your guitar classes or anywhere. You can lift or carry the guitar straps. The travel bag is beautifully designed with zip closure.


People have many expectations when they start looking for a guitar set that will satisfy their needs. The excellent way to reach max satisfaction is to know about the features of the instrument. When you understand all the features of the instrument, you will know exactly what you are going to buy. 

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  • Delivers smooth & ideal tone for rock and roll, plays the blues and other tones.
  • Featuring with sturdy top with good arches, best for beginners
  • Well designed for easy control during the performance, either you are standing or standing.
  • Overall, constructed of wood
  • Provides natural, bright and warm sound because of the solid wood
  • 2 Bands EQ
  • Headphone out
  • Volume, treble and bass tone control
  • 10 watts
  • Neck is made of maple wood
  • String length is 25.59”/650mm
  • Regulator volume x 1 and tone x 2
  • Comes with 5 x scale tone changer
  • Single coil x 3

Zeny 39 Full-Size Guitar comes in a size of 39”. This length of the guitar will help you to easily grip on the guitar and perfectly. You will learn to play in a very short time.

Out Finishing

The outer finishing of the Zeny 39 Electric Guitar comes in a unique and beautiful design. It comes in a black and blue color. Outer finishing of the guitar is very smooth, it ensures you do not get any irritation from carrying the guitar on your lower torso or waist.


Zeny 39 Full-size guitar set comes with many useful accessories. It comes with a spare string of the guitar. Also, you will find a free shoulder strap in a package to make it comfort to play. You will have an amp cable and amplifier to control easy sound transmission. You will get a carrying bag to carry the guitar easily anywhere you want. Here is the list of the accessories:
  • 39” Zeny Full Size Electric Guitar
  • 420 D Bag
  • Guitar Cable
  • 2 Pick
  • 1 Tremolos Rod
  • 10 Watt Amplifier
  • 1 Guitar Strap
  • 1 additional string set & 1 additional string
  • 2 Allen Key

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Neck Design

The neck of the Zeny 39 Electric Guitar designed in Maplewood. The selection of Maplewood for this guitar will ensure excellent support for the guitar’s strings. The overall design of the neck is very beautiful and attractive.


It comes with a 10 watts amp that will provide the best and hustle free sound delivery to your guitar. You will get phenomenal sound when this amp and tone changer works together.

Final Words

As we discussed all the features of the Zeny 39 Electric Guitar set, what left is to place the order.  After receiving the guitar you will experience a hassle-free & thrilling guitar performance. 

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