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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar (Full Size) by Best Choice Review

Acoustic-Electric Guitar is not a common guitar. Most of the famous guitar manufacturers make and design them. Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar has something unique and cannot be seen very often. This is the reason why today we are reviewing this uncommon product.

As we all know that the bass is a very important part of the musical instruments. We can say music is not complete without bass. Best Choice products are very famous in the US and have good control over quality.
The Best Choice Acoustic-Electric Guitar is not a small size designed, it has a decent size of about 44 inches, which is very similar to other average acoustic guitars. This guitar is also a lightweight at 5.5 pounds.
This guitar is made by a very thin plywood veneer fitted on back, sides, and top. It gives a very natural and dark look at the top, all colors are mahogany to the sides and back. The cutaway is designed very nicely and gives full and easy access to the fingerboard.
The best choice acoustic-electric bass guitar looks very attractive. The important part is it doesn’t have solid wood on the top. There is a dark scratchplate on the guitar which is very similar to Yamaha guitars, and a very beautiful edging around the body of the guitar. The build quality is very good according to the price.
  • Wight: 5.55 Ibs
  • Package dimension: Height 49” x Length 45.5” x Width x 18.3”
  • Intended for right-hand users
  • No assembly required
  • Wood Material
  • Dost not include amp cord, pick, or amp
  • Rich resonant sound
  • Acoustic-electric bass

Check the Price

Best Choice Acoustic Bass Electric Guitar is a pre adjustable; you can set its neck and strings according to your need through its adjustable tuners and truss rod. Thanks to the manufacturer, you will not find any buzzing sound to disturb your performance. The set up will not take much time and effort.
Despite its sturdy body and full size, you will not feel the guitar uncomfortable and heavy. The cut out is designed well and very comfortable to play and provides the fingers very easy access to the last fret of the fretboard. So, if you practice with it on a daily basis, you will find it very convenient for your music compositions and play style.
The lightweight of the guitar will allow you to perform easily and without fatigue for a long period of time, it will help you to play your tunes more easily and professionally.
There is no doubt about the quality of the mahogany neck. There is another plus point is, it has a rosewood fretboard. Best choice acoustic-electric guitar is a 30 inches short-scale bass guitar with 22 frets and all of them are available at the courtesy of the cutaway.  
There are 4 chrome die-cast tunes at the top on the headstock. The nut is made of plastic with a gauge of 1.63 inches, and the saddle size is 2.73 inches which is also made of plastic. There is a simple and plain wooden bridge.
Best Choice Acoustic Bass Guitar has built-in preamp & elegant. The control panel is fitted on the top of the guitar. It has control for middle, bass, treble & presence, and as well as a volume control and four-band equalizer. There is a battery light indicator that is situated very next to the volume control in the battery compartment. It has a 9-volt powerful battery.
If you play this guitar with the best of your passion, you will be surprised by its sound quality, it is very good. The sound compartment provides you a balanced bottom end and good low frequency of resonance. This guitar is prepared with 4 band EQ 7545R preamp to provide the best sound quality to enjoy the music. Best choice acoustic guitar provides the best sound at a reasonable price range.
How it Plays
You have to set up the outset of the guitar before playing it. Initially, there may be some problems with the height of the string and intonation. But it will be fine after setting some adjustments as every guitar needs.

Check the Price
  • Good looking bass
  • Sound is better than the expectations, both amplified and acoustically.
  • Very affordable price
  • Built quality is very good at this price range
  • Brought and mild tones
  • Built-in volume control with 4 band equalizer
  • Twenty-two fret on the fingerboard made by high quality of rosewood
  • Adjustable tuners and truss rods fix the issues with a guitar neck and sounding
  • Fret edge is a little may sharp.
  • Needs a good set up before play.


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