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Friday, July 17, 2020

Possible Overdose Lands Tamar Braxton in the Hospital

In recent news, Tamar Braxton was taken to the hospital on Thursday night. The reason being she was found to be unresponsive after a possible overdose. 

The 43-year-old singer was crashing with David Adefeso, her boyfriend in Los Angeles, California. Sources revealed that the couple was residing at the Ritz-Carlton Residences where she was found unresponsive. 

Panicking, David called emergency services immediately. The reports say that he claimed Tamar had been drinking a lot. Along with that, she had taken prescription pills whose amount is still unknown. Thus, she was taken to the hospital in an emergency that night. 

Publication sources have got ahold of David who believes that the overdose was not accidental. In his opinion, Tamar was trying to commit suicide. But, he did not give details as to why he thinks that his girlfriend was trying to kill herself. 

Sources from the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that a call had come in at 9:45 pm. A man had reported that his 43-year-old girlfriend needed to me taken to the hospital due to a medical emergency. He listed the emergency as a possible overdose. 

Soon after being hospitalized, Tamar was treated and monitored. Later on, the media was informed that the singer though unconscious, was now stable. The hospital has placed her on a 24-hour watch list so that some other unfortunate incident does not ensue. David has not yet said anything else to the media regarding his girlfriend’s condition. 

A Braxton Family Values’ spokesperson talked to the media revealing that Tamar has had an emotional and tough day. He hinted that more information would soon come to light and things will be much clearer then. The person also appealed to the world asking them to pray for the singer’s health. 

On the other hand, during quarantine Tamar and David had been running a YouTube show. However, Tamar and David’s Coupled and Quarantined was cancelled this week. A message appeared on the page that indicated that the show could not happen that week since Tamar was not feeling well. Fans began to speculate that the singer possible had the coronavirus but, that was clarified soon after as well. 

The message also said that the two were sad about cancelling the show that day. But, they promised that they would soon come back and do a bigger and better show. They apologized for the inconvenience, well aware of the fact that a great number of people look forward to their show. At the end of the message, the duo promised that they would make it up to their fans the next week.

The show has been postponed indefinitely owing to Tamar’s health and alleged suicide attempt. 

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