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Friday, July 17, 2020

Ariel Winter Becomes Part of Free Britney Movement

The Free Britney movement now has a new member. Ariel Winter is now a part of the campaign to get justice for Britney Spears as she undergoes a conservatorship crisis with her father. 

The movement was started by the fans of the star last year. They were suspicious that the Toxic singer was being treated unfairly by her team and her father, Jamie. He and Spears’s handlers control all her personal and business affairs. This happened after the 39-year-old had a breakdown in public back in 2008. 

Ariel Winter and several other stars have now joined the movement believing that what the singer is undergoing is traumatizing. The former took to Instagram to state that what Spears is being subjected to by her father and team is devastating and disgusting. 

People are speculating that Winter is sympathizing with the hitmaker out of compassion and a personal reason as well. The Modern Family actress has some experience with family issues and toxic households. She was able to successfully emancipate herself from her mother back when she was a teenager. Her sister then raised her until Winter turned 18. 

On the other hand, Rose McGowan, activist and actress has also declared her support for the campaign. She too wants Spears to be released from her father’s hold and the conservatorship. 

McGowan posted an emotional Instagram post in reference to Brittany Murphy, the late actress from Clueless. She passed away under tragic circumstances which caused much pain to the Scream star. She linked Murphy’s dark past in Hollywood to what Spears is going through right now. 

She wrote for Murphy saying that she was sorry about her death. McGowan is of the opinion that the late actress deserved better. She also expressed her condolences to her family as she remembered her. 

After writing the emotional note to Murphy, the actress moved on towards Spears. She wrote that another Britney is on her mind as she is writing this, one who is alive, one who deserves better, and one who can be saved. She declared that the 39-year-old needs to be rescued from her father and team who are nothing but leeches as they continue to control and traffic her. 

At the end of her post, McGowan called on people and appealed to their humanity. She asked them to join the movement and support all the Britney of the world who are being traumatized. The Scream star wants them to be free of the darkness of Hollywood, its toxic rules, and values. 

The Free Britney movement started out last year when Spears joined rehab. Rumors had begun circulating that she was being forced to stay at the facility without her consent. It was said that her father was keeping her there against her will. Speculations emerged that Jamie is in full control of her affairs and is enjoying carrying out his daughter’s duties. Reports have also informed that the hitmaker’s manager, Jodi Montgomery is also backing Jamie. 

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