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Saturday, June 6, 2020

The New Abnormal by The Strokes Album Review

The New Abnormal is the 6th studio album by The Strokes. The album was released on 10th April 2020 through RCA & Cult Records. It is their first album after seven years of gape their last album “Future Present Past” was released in 2016.

The Strokes songs make everything feel below high stakes, that is why it sounds so well in any critical situation. The lyrics of the songs can change the way you see the world and give you a lot of motivation.

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The New Abnormal was recorded at producer Rick Rubin’s studio at Malibu, CA. it is a most anticipated album and Julian’s amazing vocal performance will never disappoint you. The album received a positive response from Metacritic and ranked at No. 8 on the US Billboard 200 with selling 23000 units. Here is a tracklist of the album:

1.    The Adults are Talking
2.    Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus
3.    Eternal Summer
4.    Why are Sundays So Depressing
5.    Ode to the Mets
6.    Selfless
7.    Bad Decisions
8.    At the Door
9.    Not the Same Anymore

The Stroke is an American pop and rock band from Manhattan, NY. It was formed in 1998 consisting of guitarists Nick Valensi, drummer Fabrizio Moretti, singer Julian Casablancas and bassist Nikolai Fraiture.


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