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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 35 II Review: Rose Gold

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If you are a true music lover, and looking for a headphone that provides you a good quality of sound with a lot of extra features, then you are at the right place.

How do you feel when you cancel the noisy distractions of your surroundings? Obviously, you fall in love with your music and your concentration on the music goes to the next level. This is the quality of Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II wireless has filled with. The Bose Comfort 35 II shows why it is very popular amongst travelers with balanced sound and class-leading noise cancellation. The addition of Google Assistant has made it a complete package for music lovers.

Let’s find out the important features:

Starting with the Bose QC35II NC, these are the headphones that come with Google's Voice Assistant and many other brands have followed it since its release in 2017. You can simply press a button to connect with Google Assistant without saying “OK Google” it will also read the back notifications for you, without digging it in your pocket or in your bag. This product is the best recommendation for commuters and travelers.


The Bose looks exactly like the next generation headphone by having a Google Assistant button on the left side ear cup. The stylish design and unique Rose Gold color will make you like a modest business class traveler. I am impressed by its strong plastic build body, which is very nice for saving weight, it also comes with a hard case for safety while you are traveling. The plastic body does help the Bose QC  II in conditions of its comfort and its less weight which travelers will love and enjoy during their long flights.

The pads of the Bose Headphones are really amazing, they block out the ambient noise even when the noise cancellation button is turned off. Similarly, the control buttons on the headphone are very effective and simple to use. You will find a power ON and Off and pairing button on the right side earcup of the headphone, as well as volume up and down and playback buttons. The left side house of the headphone will enable you to access Google Assistant only, though you can change the setting of toggle noise cancellation levels by using Bose’s iOS or Android app.

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Google Assistant is the most important feature of the Bose QC II headphone and it will help you in most of the parts. You will be impressed by the accuracy and speed of it and how fast the headphones will pick up our voice even in the crowded area, coffee shop, or on the train.

Before using the headphone you have to download the Bose app in your Smartphone. It will help you to use the features of headphones such as re-mapping the Google Assistant button, updating firmware, toggling noise cancellation, and many more. The app is very simple to use and work well; even when you are suffering from any connectivity issue of the app or unable to detect your headphones. Just restarting the app will fix the entire connectivity problem and Bose will continue working with more stability.

By using Google Assistant with the Bose QC II NC headphone, you can ask over to read the headlines, reminders, and any other questions. Google Assistant will also read your social notification whenever they come in, which is very nice, isn’t it? Another unique feature of the Bose headphone is, it will pause the music which you are listening to if you take off the headphone, and resume playing the track when you take it ON.


Bose’s important feature is active noise cancellation, while you are walking in the busty street, switching it ON will feel you like walking into a quiet room. Bose headphones perform an excellent job of blocking outside noise even when it is turned off.

If we talk about the sound quality, the resolution of sound is very good and most of the listeners will find it the same as what they were looking for. What frequent travelers mostly wanted in their headphones is a battery life. The Bose’s excellent battery life will provide you 20 hours with turning ON noise cancellation and listening with a normal level of volume. You will find it very helpful while you are traveling for a long time and you don’t have to worry about charging the headphones again and again. If you want to save more battery, you can listen to it in wired mode with turning ON noise cancellation, which is a very nice option to have

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The best and amazing feature of Bluetooth which I love the most, it will allow you to connect with two sources at the same time. This is a great option for those who want to connect their laptop and iPhone or any android phone at the same time.


Bose QC 35 II is a great choice for travelers and those who avoid outside noise while they are sitting at home with family members or walking in the street and shopping in the market, with excellent sound quality and comfort with less weight strong plastic body.

The Google Assistant will work perfectly whether you are using iOS or any Android phone, and will provide you a similar experience by using a Google Home. Google Assistant will read notifications for you while you are traveling, driving the car, or walking in the street, you just have to press the button on the left side to listen to it, and the amazing thing is it gives you an option to reply to those notifications by using your voice. The highest sound quality will satisfy the listener.

You will be impressed by its noise cancellation abilities. If you are at your workplace or traveling in the airplane and walking on the street, it will cancel all the background noises around you. You can use it for Skype Calls and for WebEx with your clients. The built-in microphone quality is excellent and the noise cancellation facility will make those calls amazing and hustle free for you. Don’t worry about the battery, the life of the battery is really amazing, you can go with it for the entire week without charging the headphone. The 1/8” cable will allow you to listen to the music even if the batteries are dead.


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