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Friday, June 12, 2020

New iPod Touch 7th Generation Review

New iPod Touch 7th Generation Review

New iPod Touch is faster than the previous version and it has the ability to run iOS 13. Its thin body and small size allow you to carry anywhere, just put in your pocket and enjoy the music while you are traveling. It is fantastic for listening to music and gaming. A New A10 Fusion chip gives you a better experience than ever.

Apple always took us to the surprises. They announced the iPod touch 7th generation; it is the 1st upgrade of its portable video and music player since 2015.


New iPod Touch looks identical to its processor, with its sleek lightweight build and four-inch display. I personally experienced blue color. It also comes with white, gold, pink, red, and space gray. There is a home button at the bottom of its touch. But the drawback is, it doesn’t have a touch id feature which was introduced back in iPhone 5s in 2013. It means you have to remember your 6 digit passcode to unlock the device.  This is not ideal for users who don’t want to set up the manual passcode, and it is hard to remember sometime. However, there is good news for the parents who want to limit the usage for their children, they might find this feature in the new iPod Touch 7th Generation.

As pre iPhone models, you will find on and off buttons on the top of the iPod, while the volume buttons are situated on the left side of the display, also rear and front-facing cameras are on the same position. Built-in speaker of iPod touch houses at the bottom of the edge, with 3.5 mm jack and lightning port.

New iPod touch is very handy to use, just 88g weight feels amazingly light and the 4-inch display size enables you to use it with one hand, making it accessible for adults as well as kids. While the display is not much advanced, it has the same resolution as in iPhone5. But, the 326ppi LED retina still gives a clear and bright display.


If we talk about its sound quality, this is something long appreciated about the iPhone and indeed iPod. Compared with other iPhone models such as iPhone Max, the touch sound is less authoritative and a little smaller, with dynamics slightly less pronounced and bass weight dialed back.

By reaching the 7th Generation, iPod finally supports Hi-Res audio FLAC, giving you a lot of options by accessing audiophile-quality music. Through a Hi-Res audio playback app for iOS Vox, we listened to Requiem of Mozart in D Minor. It gives the best experience of sounds with Apple’s EarPods, it also depends on how good your music sound is.

Operating System:

The new iPod touch comes with Apple’s latest operating system iOS 13, which is filled with precious features such as, 70 new emojis, screen time, and group FaceTime for up to 32 users. The 7th Generation iPod touch comes with pretty much all the applications, which you expect to find on latest iPhone models, you can do everything except making calls or connect the internet over a mobile data, but you can use messaging apps such as iMessenger, WhatsApp by connecting with Wi-Fi.


The new iPod touch device is genuinely built for gaming with its fastest built-in A10 fusion chip, including what Apple says (AR) “Immersive augmented reality experience. The new iPod touch was released right at the time when Apple launched its new gaming service called Apple Arcade, which means Apple truly does care about its users who love to play games. By giving AR technology Apple’s enabled its users to download the AR games such as AR Dragon, which can be found from the App store.

Battery Life

According to Apple, the battery life of the 7th Generation iPod touch is up to forty hours, and up to 8 hours by using video playback. Normal usage of iPods such as casual gaming and music playback gives good battery timing. Although, playing heavy games like PUBG and watching videos with full brightness can drain the battery faster.

Final Verdict:

Overall, we were impressed by the iPod touch 7th generation. If we compare it with the cost of an iPhone, it feels like a good value for money. About its design, it is a fact that Apple has stuck with its old 4-inch display. The 3.5mm audio jack is a good addition for those who don’t like to use the lightning port. Listening to music on the new iPod touch is priceless, and it sounds great with its new additional support of FLAC.  Apple has focused on gaming capabilities of the new iPod such as gaming playback music and it operates it superbly.

By giving extensive features in iPod Touch with a comparably low price, it would be easy for us to be able to recommend it. However, the 7th Generation has more than that, it proves that still, there is a place for the new iPod touch in the market of premium hi-res PMPs and Smartphone streamers.

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